[amsat-bb] G-500A Controller Bulb Replacement

Stephen E. Belter seb at wintek.com
Sun Jan 10 13:53:29 UTC 2016


I didn¹t see a response to your query, so let me try to help.  I¹ve not
replaced the bulb in a G-500A, but I have replaced them in a G-5400B which
is an Az/El version of the G-500A.

The meter illumination is provided by a 12V incandescent bulb located
above the meter face that is soldered to a small circuit board.  If you
know how to solder, it is a simple replacement.

However, the replacement incandescent bulb can also burn out and
requirement replacement.

I¹ve replaced the illumination on my controller with pairs of LEDs, one
pair above each meter.  You¹ll need to check the schematic for your
controller, but from memory, I think the power for the light was 12VDC.
Or that there was 12VDC available.

I put two LEDs in series and used something like a 680-ohm
current-limiting resistor.  The best value for you will depend on the

Hope this helps.

73, Steve N9IP
Steve Belter, seb at wintek.com

On 1/8/16, 9:08 PM, "AMSAT-BB on behalf of Tony"
<amsat-bb-bounces at amsat.org on behalf of dxdx at optonline.net> wrote:

>Need to replace the bulb that illuminates the meter on a Yaesu G-500A
>elevation controller and I was wondering if anyone had done this before.
>I'm assuming the bulb is located somewhere in the vicinity of the meter,
>but not seeing it by looking through the meter window.
>Tony -K2MO
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