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You have found a personal niche in which you can function and provide a valuable service, but it has
very narrow, limited perspectives and experiences. No harm in that, as long as you recognize it.
Fortunately we have members with a wider range of skills, experience, and viewpoints in AMSAT who can
understand and take advantage of the additional opportunities which you deride. AMSAT has many
functions beyond publicity, and extensively uses telepresence to great effect and economy, but at
least so far there is no substitute for periodic face time. Also, as hard as it may be to believe,
some hams have interests outside of satellites and would relish a chance to combine a family friendly
cruise with their hobby. My recommendation is to take a deep breath, get some details and balance, and
see what plays out over the next few months.

I will not be attending due to a prior commitment, so my only concern is what Gulf grids they will



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<Now THERE'S a guaranteed manner in which to increase
<attendance: add a cruise cost to air fare.
<You gotta be kidding.
<This makes your online pleas for money raising on behalf of AMSAT-NA
<for satellite projects seem trivial and unnecessary: AMSAT must
<be loaded if they think this is going to enhance their stature and
<bank account.
<This makes me wonder what the true desire is of AMSAT-NA. If it
<is, indeed, to "disseminate info about and build birds," then the
<best method available is remote, live, videocasts from presenters.
<That would cost the presenter NOTHING in transportation costs.
<It would involve EVERY CONTINENT on the planet. And it would
<allow the largest possible audiences to "attend." Minimal charge
<for password access to whatever session one wanted to see ... or
<a conference package fee ... allow that access to be shown to a
<classroom or audience ... those fees are TOTAL PROFIT to AMSAT
<(unless honorariums are paid to some presenters).
<Overhead costs to AMSAT-NA? Virtually nothing. Largest attendance
<ever of any AMSAT show in history? Guaranteed.
<Unless the same minds who thought up "let's take a cruise" are in charge
<of it ... only then could someone mess up so simple a concept to bring
<educational sessions to the largest audience.
<Clint Bradford
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