[amsat-bb] Why 6 digit grid locator in Europe?

Clayton W5PFG w5pfg at amsat.org
Sat Feb 20 01:04:49 UTC 2016

With three FM voice transponders and SIX linear transponders in 
operation today, I think there is plenty of bandwidth to handle a few 
simple exchanges.

The primary reason I care to hear a station's gridsquare is for ARRL 
VUCC Satellite Award endorsements.  Often I will give my name and state 
when making contacts with a new station in the log.


On 2/19/2016 18:08, John Toscano wrote:
> I'll probably get firebombed for proposing such a verbose exchange,
> particularly if NOT in the context of a contest, but I have already donned
> my flameproof coveralls. The fact that airtime during an FM satellite pass
> is so precious and limited is one of the reasons that I tend to shun them
> in favor of the few linear transponders still flying. And certainly I
> appreciate that FM reception is usually far easier to copy than weak-signal
> SSB.
> 73 de W0JT

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