[amsat-bb] Just received UAH ARISS contact - much harder to rx than normal. Arrow antenna problem?

skristof at etczone.com skristof at etczone.com
Fri Feb 19 17:57:20 UTC 2016


I also used an Arrow antenna with both 2 m and 70 cm elements installed.
I had some trouble at first, but I think it's because I was still
fiddling with my radio. I thought I had it set up ahead of time, but I
didn't. Anyway, the first few minutes were rough, but the rest of the
transmission was received just fine. 

Steve AI9IN 

On 2016-02-19 12:51, John Brier wrote: 

> It took much longer into the pass to pick up a solid signal and when I got
> it, except for the top of the pass I had to aim the antenna perfectly to
> get the signal.
> The only thing differently about my setup today was I had the 70 cm
> elements installed on the boom too because I was using it to work SO-50
> recently and didn't have time to take them off.
> Could this make the antenna less sensitive on 2 meters? Because that's what
> it felt like. Very dissapointing for me since I normally have no trouble
> getting the ISS from horizon to horizon.
> With that said it sounded like they got through all of their questions and
> Tim Kopra got to say goodbye.
> In his goodbye he repeated part of his answer to a question, saying one of
> the most important things to do to get space was to play nice with others.
> He said it wasn't important just in getting to space but also for life in
> general. A great message.
> Congrats to all involved in this succesful contact, but someone please tell
> me why it was so hard for me to receive!
> 73, John, KG4AKV in FM05
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