[amsat-bb] Still trying to repair a Mirage KP-2 2 meter preamp

Larry Ryan llryan807 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 00:10:44 UTC 2016

I am trying to repair a Mirage KP-2 series mast-mount 2M preamp. It is
quite old. Also, I have the companion bias-tee or Control Box as Mirage
calls it.

It comes in a black plastic box with the hardware to mount it on a mast.
Testing indicates the relay works and some transistors have a voltage.
Unfortunately testing also indicates its an attenuator. I think it has a
blown gasfet.

The small round gasfet has 4 leads and  has the following markings on top:

R  43

The PCB is marked KP1&2 Rev B.  The
Have any of you repaired a KP-2 2M preamp?

Do any of you have a schematic diagram of this preamp?

Do any of you know the part number of the gasfet transistor? (I'm thinking
its the problem)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks & 73, Larry W7DGP

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