[amsat-bb] KMS-4 Antennas?

Robb Hill hill.charles.robert at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 14:59:22 UTC 2016

Got the photos off the air on 2/13 broadcast of Korea Central TV.

I noticed though it looked like it could be two 1/4 wave dipoles at 1/4
wave spacing.

Def. could be a fake/mockup.

On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 5:03 AM, Daniel Cussen <dan at post.com> wrote:

> > I got a photo of the KMS-4 sat and started wondering about the possible
> > frequencies based on what could be antenna.
> I wrote an email to the amsat-bb a while ago which I will repeat
> below. You should note there has been no reported emissions, and the
> photos linked below may have been from a model made for the press, so
> may have had fake/non flight hardware. The photos are also from the
> previous launch a few years ago.
> Where did you get the photos you linked to and when were they
> taken/broadcast?
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Not sure if it has been posted yet, but there is a good technical
> write up of previous North Korean satellites here:
> http://38north.org/2012/09/nhansen091212/
> Some sites suggest 450 to 470Mhz is likely band. Ideally would need a
> very high gain setup with a wideband SDR dongle to see any
> transmissions. If they wanted they could turn all transmitters off
> unless commanded or else only when the GPS says they are within range
> of the ground station. Note the article linked is only the older
> satellites.
> I don't believe there was any public reception of actual emissions
> from previous models. It does look likely UHF will be used. In this
> day and age if it does emit on UHF constantly someone probably will
> detect it and share. with possibly 6 UHF antennas there may be
> multiple downlinks. I will buy a pint for whoever decodes the GPS
> location downlink first!
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