[amsat-bb] HP41 program ORBITII

Graham planophore at aei.ca
Sun Feb 7 15:40:20 UTC 2016


Sorry, can't help with your request but I just had to say what an 
interesting little project.

I will remember many of the early BASIC programs for tracking satellites 
which appeared in a variety of the amateur radio publications in the 
80's. There was one in the AMSAT journal of that era as well (by Tom 
Clark W3IWI I seem to recall). I spent much time typing in and debugging 
that program on a several different platforms including the Commodore 
PET, Radio Shack TRS80 and my Heathkit H8 and H11. I no longer have a 
HP41CX but I do have several TI calculators including the TI84+ and 
NSPIRE(s) and a HP48G. The TI84+ and the TI83+ it replaced are 
programmable in a dialect of BASIC and can interface with through a 
simple port and have more processing power and ram that those old 8 bit 
computers that I mentioned above. Now you've got me thinking that I 
should give something like a try too.

Good luck with your project.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

On 2016-02-07 15:05, Todd W. Deckard wrote:
> Greetings, does anyone have a printout of R. Jansson’ (WD4FAB) port to the HP41CX of the W0SL program for satellite tracking.  i already have the P. Bunnell code from Ham Radio 1981.
> There are echoes of it on the internet but I cannot find the listing and AMSAT no longer has one. This will not advance the state of the art in space communication but the fact that I can command my arduino antenna rotor project from my 1983 calculator over an IL loop while recording the contacts on a old reel-to-reel would satisfy my hidden luddite tendencies.
> Todd
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