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 Subject: [amsat-bb] Antenna Rotor and yagi Antenna selection
We are in process of development of Student Satellite Ground
 station for amateur satellite. we need to select rotor and antenna s for amateur satellite ground station. we initially worked that we need 17db gain for our polarized antennas for this purpose we need to have stacking of antennas in order to achieve the desired gain in UHF and VHF band.

can anyone know from where we can purchase antennas having 

1.VHF band (144 – 146 MHz) gain 17 dBi transmit and in for receive 17 dBi in UHF band polarization Circular

2. we narrow down two rotors from yaesu a) G5600  and b) G2800 rotor which will be separately required elevation and azimuth.

Now the specific queires are

Question 1:we dont know where to find antennas of 17dbs. or we need 3 antenna in stacking mode having accumulated gain of 17db.

Question 2: we dont how how to finalize rotor. we have ICOM 9100 and we are currently tracking satellite manually.

Question 3: how to calculate that these rotor will be sufficient for the load of our antennas.or the g5600 will be enough for stacking of three antenna's load.

any help much appreciated

Kind regards

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