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Mon Feb 1 11:45:09 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I´m making the ***EUROPEAN*** list for possible schedules with 6W8CK, Conrad, in Senegal.

So,EUROPEAN stations, can send me an email to see the possibilties. Today, 1th February the first list with ONLY European stations were sent,and checked by 6W8CK to try it. 
It was accepted.

USA stations lists are taken by Frank, K4FEG and I believe, Paul N8HM.

I will not take lists for USA stations.

Read carefully the paragraph where a simulation pass between your grid and Conrad`s  gridsquare  IK14MH must be done for
you, (the interested statio) and the send me the Satellite-Day-Hour UTC  proposal  ..

Second: If your proposal is approved, I´ll sent back an email confirming it to you.Conrad says YOU MAKE THE CALL..you CALL and he will be listening trying to catch you.
You can send me several passes proposals in order to try the QSO ..But when QSO is done.. DON¨T TRY AGAIN . Please, understand that there are more stations waiting for scheds and few days.
Thanks for your patience. I must attend my daily work and in free time I´m behind the PC writing to all.


Conrad, 6W8CK , will be in Senegal until mid-February 2016.

He will try to be active on CW near 145.930 on AO-7 and 435.830 on
FO-29 during the afternoons, but may also be available on late night /
early morning passes for skeds.

Conrad is using a Yaesu FT-736R and an Elk antenna mounted up 5 meter
above ground. He does occasionally lose power, so keep this in mind if
you do not hear him on a particular pass.

QSL only via the DARC bureau to his home call, DF7OL. He may also
return to Senegal from November 2016 - February 2017.

Sometimes , he can take  some private schedules .If you want an schedule  with him,make
a simulation of a satellite pass ( AO-7,FO-29) between your Gridsquare and the Conrad
gridsquare : IK14MH  . Then choose what you consider is the best one opportunity of QSO.

Write the satellite-day-hour UTC you consider it´s the best option for the QSO and send it to me.

Send it to:

ea1iw at amsat.org 
ea1iw at ure.es

Then I will forward your  QSO proposal to Conrad and he can decide if possible. If It´s OK,
I´ll send you back again an email confirming the sched with Conrad.

That´s all !
Antonio (EA1IW)


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