[amsat-bb] Telemetry Information PLEASE

Gerald Payton gp_ab5r at outlook.com
Tue Aug 30 20:05:41 UTC 2016

While awaiting "parts" to assemble my station, I am interested in the TELEMETRY reception from the birds.  I was looking at the "Leader Board" for FOX-1A on Amsat.org.  Looking at some of those stations posted there I noticed that FoxTerm 1.04f software listed, but no TNCs.  Now I am confused.

I believe that the FoxTerm software may decode received audio from the passes, but what about other satellites.  Is a TNC needed, especially with the 9600 baud?

I'm sorry, I am trying to figure out HOW to receive and decode the telemetry signals and just do not comprehend the procedures.  The AMSAT website does not seem to supply that information, and neither does the "Getting Started 2016" book.

If it is too much to answer here, please contact directly at my email:  gp_ab5r at outlook.com


Jerry  AB5R

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