[amsat-bb] Canadian maritime expedition & LoTW

Stephen E. Belter seb at wintek.com
Thu Aug 25 01:53:23 UTC 2016

We’re only a few days from home; had a wonderful time exploring New
England and the Canadian Maritime provinces.  During our trip, I took the
opportunity to practice operating portable.  My thanks to K8YSE, N8HM, and
W5PFG for their advice and encouragement.

The current count is 20 grids activated, some rare and some not so:  GO10,
GO11, GO21, GN07, GN08, GN09, GN18, GN19, GN38, FN02, FN03, FN23, FN34,
FN41, FN43, FN46, FN67, FN75, FN76, and FN96.

215 total QSOs.  Thank you to everyone for their patience and for allowing
me to monopolize many satellite passes.

If I didn’t hear you, my apologies.  I don’t hear well (i.e., hearing
aids) and I don’t hear well (i.e., pointing the antenna and tuning the
radio).  I still need lots of practice and I need to work on my equipment.

All of my contacts have been uploaded to LoTW.  If we made contact and you
aren’t getting a confirmation via LoTW, please contact me so that we can
discover my mistakes.

Hopefully we can do this again on my next trip.  Best way to hear about
any operating plans are to follow me on Twitter @sbelter.

73, Steve N9IP
Steve Belter, seb at wintek.com

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