[amsat-bb] [Video] Jogging while Listening to the ISS! (Kopernik reception)

John Brier johnbrier at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 10:11:14 UTC 2016


I wasn't really able to listen to the ISS while jogging, but this
video does include both jogging and the ISS.

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This was inspired by Casey Neistat's vlogging style. If you haven't
watched any of his videos, check em out.

This is my reception of Astronaut Jeff Williams talking with summer
camp students at the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center in
Vestal, New York on Thursday, August 18th, 2016. I received this in
Raleigh, North Carolina on top of an old landfill turned into a park.

Last week’s video (My First SO-50 Contact! And 18 QSL Cards from 2000!):


1.  We are building robots here at camp, what sort of robots do you
use and how do they help you?

2.  Has anything broken on the Space Station and how did you fix it?

3.  What interest or activities did you have when you were young that
helped you in qualifying for your current position?

4.  How long have you been at the space station?

5.  How long did it take you to get used to being in microgravity and
what are some effects from microgravity you have noticed?

6.  Do you have Internet up in the space?

7.  What's the weather like in space?

8.  How do you sleep without floating all over?

9.  What did you have to study in school to become an astronaut?

10.  Do you have children? If so how do you communicate with them when
you are away?

11.  Are you working on any research or science projects on the Space Station?

12.  I heard training to be an astronaut can be very difficult. What
was the toughest aspect of training in your opinion?

13.  Have you ever seen a UFO?

14.  What do you eat when you are in space? How do you pack food to
take into  space? Does it all need to be freeze dried like astronaut
ice cream?

15.  What do you and the other astronauts do for fun during your downtime?

16.  At what age did you first become interested in space?

17.  What languages do you speak?

18.  What is your day like in space?

19. (Something about the upcoming space walk)

73, John Brier KG4AKV

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