[amsat-bb] Amateur Radio BIRDS CubeSat Constellation

David G0MRF g0mrf at aol.com
Sun Aug 21 15:33:34 UTC 2016

Hi Steve.

It's certainly one of the 3 or 4 types of content that is prohibited in the UK.
I can't imagine that the Japanese would allow it either.

Probably OK as a file transfer, but not as analog FM on amateur radio spectrum.

Hopefully if this is declared as one of the mission objectives in the frequency coordination request
the applicants would have been advised against it and the application put on hold.

On the other hand.....Imagine the payment due to the performers of the music if the fee assessment is based on 'total audience in the broadcast area' !!
Could make the cost of the satellite seem insignificant.


David  G0MRF

Saw this in today's AMSAT newsletter: 

" A particularly interesting mission of BIRDS project is the SNG mission
exchanges music via a digi-singer. It is an outreach-oriented mission.
music in MIDI format is uploaded from ground. Then the MIDI file is
on-board using a vocal synthesizer. Finally, the processed music is sent
to Earth using UHF antenna as voice FM data. " 

Isn't music transmission prohibited in the United States amateur radio

Steve AI9IN

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