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 blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; }  Hi, Dave. Good QSO from this end, too.
I've set it up exactly as you describe, and my properties look exactly like your screen shots (with the exception of different COM numbers), but it doesn't work. ACLog stops seeing data as soon as SatPC32 is started, and Icom Keyer won't work through it at all.
And if SatPC32 is getting confused by the other programs, that doesn't appear to be as it should be, either.
In other programs, such as XPort, a unique COM number is given to each additional program, and the isolation is complete. So if the rig is on COM33, SatPC32 might be on COM3, ACLog on COM4, Icom Keyer on COM5, etc. -- but they are all actually talking to COM33 in the hardware.
I think VSPE may not be up to the task. But the only other programs out there sell for $100 and up!

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On Saturday, August 13, 2016, 20:13, David W0DHB <dave at w0dhb.net> wrote:

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Hi Mark


Nice to QSO with you.


I've been using VSPE 64bit splitters years.

They are a little tricky to set up and get going.


In this case I create a connector COM33 (Could also be a hardware port)

And a splitter


I set my rig to use COM33 for  CAT

All programs that you want to access the rig CAT should open COM3.


Note that SATPC32 may not work properly if any other input on the splitter is send CAT data .


Hope this helps.


Dave W0DHB



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I know that a number of folks are using virtual serial port splitters to allow both a logging program and SatPC32 to simultaneously talk to their rig via CAT or CI-V. I had such a system working quite nicely on my old Windows 7 32-bit computer, using a little freeware program called XPort.


Recently I switched to a new Windows 10 64-bit computer. Since XPort is 32-bit only, I purchased the 64-bit version of VSPE from www.eterlogic.com. This program works fine creating a virtual serial port "pair" within the computer. When I try to set up a splitter, the first program to start (such as ACLog) talks with the rig fine on the virtual port. But as soon as I start another program on the splitter port (such as SatPC32), the first program stops exchanging data with the rig (IC-9100) and the second program has all the fun. SatPC32 seems to punch through and lock out any other programs. Eterlogic has not gotten back to me.


If anyone has successfully set up a working splitter in 64-bit VSPE I'd like to know what your settings are. Thanks.-- Mark D. Johns, KØMDJ Decorah, Iowa USA  EN43


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