[amsat-bb] FUNCube-1 (AO-73) Telemetry via FO-29??

Daniel Estévez daniel at destevez.net
Fri Aug 12 08:16:36 UTC 2016

El 12/08/16 a las 08:58, Scott escribió:
> While monitoring FO-29 for activity tonight, I saw what appeared to be the
> distinctive waveform of the telemetry stream from FUNCube-1.
> Is this common?  Or even possible?  It was certainly a first for me.  I see
> that the telemetry frequency on FUNCube-1 falls inside of the uplink range
> for FO-29.

Hi Scott,

Certainly it's FUNCube-1 via FO-29. That's not so common, but I've seen
a few reports of this before on the mailing list. Someone even managed
to decode the telemetry. Probably you can google if you're interested in
previous reports. Also, satellite-to-satellite QSO is also possible for
some pairs of satellites and has being done (for AO-7 and FO-29 as far
as I can remember). Note that the transponder of FO-29 is quite wide and
will retransmit a lot of birds that downlink on 2m, so lots of
possibilities for reception via FO-29.



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