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The AMSAT News Service bulletins are a free, weekly news and infor-
mation service of AMSAT North America, The Radio Amateur Satellite
Corporation. ANS publishes news related to Amateur Radio in Space
including reports on the activities of a worldwide group of Amateur
Radio operators who share an active interest in designing, building,
launching and communicating through analog and digital Amateur Radio

The news feed on http://www.amsat.org publishes news of Amateur
Radio in Space as soon as our volunteers can post it.

Please send any amateur satellite news or reports to:
ans-editor at amsat.org.

In this edition:

* Wouter Weggelaar PA3WEG Awarded Louis Varney Cup
* Amateur Radio Presentations at EMF 2016 Guildford
* AMSAT-UK Space Colloquium Videos Now Available
* Dayton Hamvention Moving to Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia
* LoTW adds UKube-1 Support
* Skyler Fennell, KD0WHB, is 2016 Young Ham of the Year
* NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative Opens Space to Educators,
* Sign Up for New NASA Education 'Science WOW!' Weekly Email
* AMSAT-NA Board of Directors Ballots in the Mail
* ARISS News
* Satellite Shorts From All Over

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ANS-220 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 220.01
August 7, 2016
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Wouter Weggelaar PA3WEG Awarded Louis Varney Cup

On July 31 at the AMSAT-UK International Space colloquium in
Guildford the RSGB Board Chair Steve Hartley G0FUW presented the RSGB
Louis Varney Cup for Advances in Space Communications to Wouter
Weggelaar PA3WEG.

The award was in recognition of Wouter’s outstanding technical
contributions to several amateur satellites and associated outreach.

The presentation can be viewed here:

[ANS thanks AMSAT-UK for the above information]


Amateur Radio Presentations at EMF 2016 Guildford

Many radio amateurs are giving presentations at the Electromagnetic
Field EMF 2016 event taking place near Guildford August 5-7 and two
special event stations will be operating from the site. It is hoped
the presentations may be streamed live on the web.

The event is aimed at makers, scientists, engineers and radio
enthusiasts. Most radio amateurs will be in two villages on the site,
HABville and the Amateur Radio Village.

The London Hackspace Amateur Radio Club are planning to erect at
least one of their Clark masts in the amateur radio village. London
Hackspace will be showcasing Amateur Radio on bands from 3.5 MHz
(80m) to 430 MHz (70cm) and maybe higher using the call sign GB4EMF.

RSGB Youth Committee member Rebecca M6BUB will be at the GB8EMF
station which will be using three ICOM transceivers, two IC-706MKIIG
and an IC-746.

At 1559 GMT (4:59pm BST) on Saturday, August 6 the International
Space Station (ISS) astronaut Kate Rubins KG5FYJ should be receivable
at the event on a handheld radio tuned to 145.800 MHz FM. Full
details at http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2016/july/ariss-event-

The amateur radio satellite talks being given over the weekend are:
• A hacker’s guide to satellites — Dave Rowntree 2E0DRV (drummer in
  rock-band Blur)
• Receiving live video from the Space Station — Daniel Cussen EI9FHB
• The story behind $50SAT, a new approach to Amateur satellite
  design which became the world’s smallest operational satellite,
  built for £125 in a garden shed — Stuart Robinson GW7HPW

Other presentations by radio amateurs include:
• 100 years of Shannon — the man, his work and his legacy — Matthew
  Ireland MW0MIE
• Asynchronous or Analogue Methods for Computation — Matthew Ireland
• Connecting computers together over 1,000s miles without using the
  Internet — GB8EMF Amateur Radio Station
• Hacking Robot Dinosaurs — Dr Lucy Rogers M6CME (Judge on BBC Robot
• My Ubertooth Year — Michael Ossmann AD0NR developer of HackRF One
• Numbers Stations: Cold War, short waves — Henry Cooke
• Rebooting a Hobby: How Modern Digital Comms are Reviving Amateur
  Radio — Ryan Sayre M0RYS

Electromagnetic Field EMF 2016

EMF HABville https://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Village:HABville

EMF Amateur Radio Village

London Hackspace ARC

Previous EMF events have generated BBC News coverage

What is Amateur Radio?

Find a short Amateur Radio training course near you at

The book Getting Started with Amateur Satellites 2016 is available
from the AMSAT-UK online shop

[ANS thanks AMSAT-UK for the above information]


AMSAT-UK Space Colloquium Videos Now Available

Thanks to the hard work of British Amateur Television Club (BATC)
and AMSAT-UK volunteers the videos of the presentations given to the
AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium held in Guildford on July 30-
31, 2016 are now available on YouTube.

During the Colloquium AMSAT-UK operated a satellite ground station
using the call sign G0AUK. Contacts were made via the SO-50, AO-85
and FO-29 satellites.

The ground station used the Kenwood TS-2000X transceiver that was
successfully used for all the UK school contacts with astronaut Tim
Peake GB1SS during his Principia mission on the International Space

The TS-2000X was kindly loaned by Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd and
Kenwood Communications UK.

The 2016 Colloquium presentations along with those from previous
years can be found on the AMSAT-UK YouTube channel at

The  videos of the presentations can either be watched online or
downloaded to your PC using readily available free YouTube download
software for showing at club meetings.

AMSAT-UK publish a quarterly newsletter OSCAR News, a sample issue
can be downloaded here. Electronic (PDF) membership is £15 a year –

[ANS thanks AMSAT-UK for the above information]


Dayton Hamvention Moving to Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia

Hamvention® announced today that it will be moving to the Greene
County Fairgrounds and Event Center in Xenia, Ohio, after 52 years at
Hara Arena. That’s about 16 miles east of Dayton center off US Route
35 (see map). Hara Arena announced last week that it would be
closing, and Hamvention indicated that it soon would be announcing
its back-up plan for a new venue in the Dayton area.

“We appreciate and value all the time and effort of the many
partners, in particular the Greene County Agricultural Society, the
Greene County Board of Commissioners and the Greene County Convention
& Visitors Bureau has put into helping Hamvention find the right
venue to continue our long history here in the Miami Valley,”
Hamvention General Chair Ron Cramer, KD8ENJ, said. “We look forward
to a long and mutually prosperous relationship.”

Last week, after Hara Arena announced it would close, Cramer had
said, “We have spent many hours over the last few years evaluating
possible locations and have found one in the area we believe will be
a great new home! We all believe this new venue will be a spectacular
place to hold our beloved event. Please rest assured we will have the
event on the same weekend and, since it will be in the region, the
current accommodations and outside events already planned for
Hamvention 2017 should not be affected.”

Hamvention chief spokesman and board member Mike Kalter, W8CI, told
ARRL today that announcement of the new venue came a bit sooner than
he’d anticipated last week. He pointed out that the event annually
attracts in excess of 25,000 visitors from every US state and some 60
countries around the world.

“The key thing is that we plan to have a 5-star event,” he said of
Hamvention 2017. “We’ll put a lot of time and energy into it.”

The move to Xenia could prove to be a huge financial bonanza for the
city and Greene County. Hamvention typically has meant millions of
dollars to the Dayton/Montgomery County area, and some of that
benefit now could migrate eastward down US 35. Kalter conceded that
the new venue in Greene County is a slightly longer drive from Dayton
City Center -- where some Hamvention-related events traditionally
occur -- than it was to Hara Arena, but he believes it will be worth
the trip.

“Montgomery County didn’t have anything for us,” he said. “We looked
exhaustively. We’ve known this is what we’d do for about a month — if
Hara Arena would no longer be available.”

And the flea market at the new site? “Our plan is to have a much
better flea market,” Kalter said. “We have two or three different
options, but we think people are really going to like it.”

He said the entire fairgrounds facility was rebuilt several years
ago after it was destroyed by a tornado, so the buildings are newer
than Hara, which was built in the 1950s. He said there will be
opportunities to bring in campers — with 30 A service, water, and
sewer available.

Kalter believes the change in venue in and of itself will be a big
incentive for a lot of people who may be just thinking about
attending Hamvention 2017 right now. “We expect next year to be a big
year,” he said. “We expect a lot of people to come to see what it’s

[ANS thanks ARRL for the above information]


LoTW adds UKube-1 Support

The ARRL has informed Paul, N8HM that TQSL configuration file
version 9.3 will be released shortly adding support for UKube-1 in

Please note that due to character limitations, the satellite name
for LoTW will be "UKUBE1"

Clayton W5PFG followed up saying "Simply launching the TQSL
application should inform you that a new configuration file is
available.  I've updated my log and uploaded all of my UKube-1
contacts with the new SAT_NAME parameter UKUBE1."

[ANS thanks the ARRL, Paul N8HM, and Clayton W5PFG for the above


Skyler Fennell, KD0WHB, is 2016 Young Ham of the Year

Skyler Fennell KD0WHB, of Denver, CO, has been selected as the 2016
Bill Pasternak WA6ITF Memorial Young Ham of the Year by the Amateur
Radio Newsline.

Skyler's interest in satellite communications resulted in a revival
of Colorado Amateur Satellite Net where he became a net control
operator and created a website for the net:

Skyler, 17, is the son of Karl and Carol Fennell, and recently
graduated with honors from Denver School of the Arts.

Skyler was first licensed in July 2013 as a Technician and upgraded
to General by September 2013. He took and passed his Extra class
license exam in January 2014.

Skyler's interest in basic electronics was sparked when he was in
the fourth grade and continued into middle school and high school.

Among his early building projects were a laser spirograph, audio
amplifiers, and high voltage transformer drivers.

A high school friend, Jordan Walters, KD0MLV, introduced Skyler to
amateur radio when he was a freshman in high school , explaining how
radio transmissions could bounce off layers of the atmosphere. That
led Skyler to engage in a six-month period of study, testing and
operating that resulted in his path to Extra.

Skyler has extensive experience in designing and working on repeater
systems and introduced an AllStar Link system for one of the Rocky
Mountain Radio League's repeaters.

He began working with the AB0BX STEM School Amateur Radio Club in
nearby Littleton, CO and got involved in the group's Edge of Space
Sciences missions (balloon launches with amateur equipment). He
became project manager for its 440Mhz repeater and helped put
together an AllStar and EchoLink repeater for students, serving as a
mentor for construction of the project.

Skyler started the Denver School of the Arts amateur radio club in
August 2015 and was trustee of the club call - KE0FXH.

Skyler has chronicled several of his amateur radio and technical
achievements on his YouTube channel - "Skyler F."

He was also involved in proposing and assisting in the construction
of a VHF/UHF repeater at a remote base site on Blue Mountain in the
Denver area and added an AllStar link to the system.

This past May, Skyler spoke at the Youth Forum at the Dayton
Hamvention on the topic: "Homebrewing on a Budget." He also addressed
the Quarter Century Wireless Association forum in Dayton about how
his technical interests will help him further his educational and
career goals.

Skyler is an Eagle Scout, a rank he achieved at the age of 13. He
also combined his interest in cycling and amateur radio, assembling a
bicycling mobile set-up with VHF and UHF radios.

He is also an accomplished pianist and earned the first-place trophy
in the recent U.S. International Duo Piano competition in Colorado
Springs this past February after performing a Poulenic piano sonata
for four hands, two pianos.

Skyler will be recognized during the Huntsville Hamfest on Aug. 20
in the Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, AL.

The Young Ham of the Year award was inaugurated by William
Pasternak, WA6ITF, in 1986. Upon his passing in 2015, Bill's name was
added to the award as a memorial to his commitment to recognizing the
accomplishments of young people to the amateur radio service.

In addition to Amateur Radio Newsline, CQ Magazine and Yaesu USA are
primary sponsors, along with Heil Sound Ltd. and Radiowavz Antenna

Skyler will be receiving a gift of amateur radio gear from Yaesu and
a complimentary week at Space Camp, Huntsville, provided by CQ.

[ANS thanks Amateur Radio Newsline and CQ Communications, Inc. for
 the above information]


NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative Opens Space to Educators, Nonprofits

Accredited education institutions, nonprofit organizations and NASA
centers can join the adventure and challenges of space while helping
the agency achieve its exploration goals through the next round of
the agency’s CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI). Applicants must submit
proposals by 4:30 p.m. EST, Nov. 22.

The CSLI provides CubeSat developers with a low-cost pathway to
space to conduct research that advances NASA's strategic goals in the
areas of science, exploration, technology development, education and
operations. The initiative provides students, teachers and faculty
with the chance to get hands-on flight hardware development
experience designing, building and operating these small research

NASA will make selections by Feb. 17, 2017, but selection does not
guarantee a launch opportunity. Selected experiments will be
considered as auxiliary payloads on agency launches or for deployment
from the International Space Station beginning in 2017 through 2020.
If chosen, U.S. nonpro?t and accredited educational organizations are
entirely responsible for funding the development of the small

To date, NASA has selected 119 CubeSat missions, 46 of which have
been launched into space. NASA has offered a launch opportunity to 95
percent of those selected through previous announcements, with 29
scheduled for launch within the next 12 months. The selected CubeSats
represent participants from 32 states, demonstrating the significant
progress NASA has made on a remarkable goal established during the
2015 White House Maker Faire, to launch a small satellite from at
least one participant in every state during the next five years.

For this round of the initiative, NASA is particularly interested in
participation from organizations in the District of Columbia, Puerto
Rico, and 18 states not previously selected. These states are:
Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota,
Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina,
Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Washington and

CubeSats are in a class of research spacecraft called
nanosatellites. Base CubeSat dimensions are about 4-by-4-by-4 inches
(10-by-10-by-11 centimeters), which equals one Cube, or 1U. CubeSats
supported by this launch effort include volumes of 1U, 2U, 3U and 6U.
CubeSats of 1U, 2U and 3U size typically have a mass of about three
pounds (1.33 kilograms) per 1U Cube. A 6U CubeSat typically has a
mass of about 26.5 pounds (12 to 14 kilograms). The CubeSat's final
mass depends on the selected deployment method.

Small satellites, including CubeSats, play a valuable role in the
agency’s exploration, science, technology and educational
investigations. These miniature satellites provide a low-cost
platform for NASA science missions, including planetary exploration,
Earth observation, and fundamental Earth and space science. They are
a cornerstone in the development of cutting-edge NASA technologies
like laser communications, satellite-to-satellite communications and
autonomous movement.

NASA also is using small satellites to demonstrate and validate the
vehicles, systems and protections humans need to live and work in
space and on other worlds. They are an inexpensive means to engage
students in all phases of satellite development, operation and
exploitation through real-world, hands-on research and development
experience on NASA-funded rideshare launch opportunities.

For additional information about NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative,


To explore images from our previous launches, follow us on Flickr:


Find us on Instagram:


[ANS thanks NASA News Release for the above information]


Sign Up for New NASA Education 'Science WOW!' Weekly Email Newsletter

Are you a science educator or interested in science education? Sign
up for the NASA Education "Science WOW!" mailing list. Receive an
email with NASA's latest science education offerings delivered
"Weekly on Wednesdays."

Science starts with a question, and so does "Science WOW!" Each
week's message kicks off with a science question and a link to where
you can find the answer. "Science WOW!" also highlights an awesome
science education tool each week. These featured resources will
include NASA apps, interactive games, 3-D printing templates and more!

Plus, "Science WOW!" delivers -- right to your inbox -- the latest
science education opportunities offered by NASA. It's a simple way to
keep up with the latest professional development webinars, student
contests, workshops, lectures and other activities.

The first "Science WOW!" message is scheduled to be sent on Aug. 10,

To register your email address and be added to the list, visit

[ANS thanks NASA Education Express Message -- Aug. 4, 2016 for the
 above information]


AMSAT-NA Board of Directors Ballots in the Mail

Ballots have been mailed to AMSAT-NA members in good standing, and
must be returned to the AMSAT-NA office by September 15, 2016 in
order to be counted. Those sent outside North America were sent by
air mail. If you have not received your ballot package in a
reasonable time for your QTH, please contact the AMSAT-NA office.
Your completed ballot should be sent as promptly as possible, and
those from outside North American preferably by air mail or other
expedited means.

This year there are five candidates:

Tom Clark, K3IO
Clayton Coleman, W5PFG
Mark Hammond, N8MH
Bruce Paige, KK5DO
Paul Stoetzer, N8HM

The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be
seated as voting Board Members with two year terms. The two
candidates receiving the next highest number of votes will be non-
voting Alternate Board Members with terms of one year. Please vote
for no more than three candidates.

Please take the time to review the candidate statements that
accompany the ballot and determine who you wish to see on the Board.
Election of Board members is both an obligation as well as an
opportunity by our membership to help shape the future direction of

[ANS thanks AMSAT Office for the above information]



+ A Successful contact was made between Sacred Heart Primary School,
New Taipei City, Taiwan and Astronaut Takuya Onishi KF5LKS using
Callsign OR4ISS. The contact began Tue 2016-08-02 08:36:03 UTC and
lasted about nine and a half minutes. Contact was direct via BNØSH.
ARISS Mentor was Satoshi 7M3TJZ.

+ A Successful contact was made between Space Jam 10, Rantoul IL,
USA and Astronaut Kate Rubins KG5FYJ using Callsign OR4ISS. The
contact began Sat 2016-08-06 15:59:03 UTC and lasted about nine and a
half minutes. Contact was Telebridged via IK1SLD.
ARISS Mentor was Charlie AJ9N.

Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2016-08-04  06:00 UTC

Quick list of scheduled contacts and  events:

OK2KJT Radioclub, Valasska  Polanka, Czech Republic, direct via OK2KET
The ISS callsign is presently  scheduled to be OR4ISS
The scheduled astronaut is Takuya Onishi  KF5LKS
Contact is a go for: Wed 2016-08-10 18:56:17

U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville AL, telebridge via  VK4KHZ
The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS
The scheduled  astronaut is Kate Rubins KG5FYJ
Contact is a go for: Thu 2016-08-11 15:25:44

U.S. Space & Rocket Center Information:

Since 1982, Space Camp® at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in
Huntsville, Alabama has been inspiring people of all ages about space
science, space flight, and space exploration. Among the 750,000 Space
Camp graduates worldwide are five astronaut alumnae, including Dr.
Kate Rubins, slated to launch on expedition 48/49 to the ISS this
summer. Her presence on the space station provides an incredible
opportunity for young people currently attending Space Camp to be
able to talk to someone who was once in their shoes who went on to
become an astronaut. It is also very likely that international
students will be taking part in Space Camp during the link. These
students will have a unique opportunity while visiting the United
States to take part in an active exchange with the largest multi-
national laboratory on-or off-the planet! In addition to Space Camp
trainees, museum guests will have the opportunity to take part in the
activity. As the original NASA visitor center, the U.S. Space &
Rocket Center has been telling NASA's story since 1970. And with over
650,000 visitors annually, the Space and Rocket Center is Alabama's
top tourism attraction. And depending on when the event falls in the
summer, the USSRC may also bring in educators attending Space Academy
for Educators, an immersive professional development program
conducted throughout the summer months annually. In short, the USSRC
hope to maximize both camp and museum guest participation to promote
the scientific activities taking place on the ISS, as well as
highlight the technology that allows such an exchange to take place.

Expected Questions:

1. What was your favorite subject in school?
2. What was your toughest subject in school?
3. Who were your heroes growing up?
4. What is something you learned at Space Camp you are using in space?
5. What advice would you give a student who wants to become an
6. What advice would you give to someone at Space Camp this week?
7. Were you afraid when your rocket launched?
8. What was the hardest thing in astronaut training?
9. How often do you talk to your family?
10. Do you speak Russian with the Russian cosmonauts?
11. What does it smell like on the ISS?
12. What is the coolest thing that you have seen in space?
13. What is your favorite food to eat in space?
14. What medical research are you working on while you're on the
    Space Station?
15. What other cool research projects are you helping with?
16. As a researcher, do you think NASA's biological space research
    will one day lead to a cure for diseases like HIV or cancer?
17. Do you work with research projects from other countries?
18. What do you think is the biggest effect on an astronaut's body
    from long-term spaceflight?
19. How will research on the Space Station help us get ready to go
    to Mars?

ARISS  is always glad to receive listener reports for the above
contacts. ARISS  thanks everyone in advance for their assistance.
Feel free to send your  reports to aj9n at amsat.org or aj9n at aol.com.
Listen for the ISS on  the downlink of 145.8Ø  MHz.

Exp.  47 on orbit
Jeff Williams KD5TVQ
Oleg Skripochka RN3FU
Aleksey  Ovchinin

Exp. 48 on orbit
Anatoly Ivanishin
Kate Rubins  KG5FYJ
Takuya Onishi  KF5LKS

The next ARISS Application Window will begin September 1, 2016
and run through November 1, 2016.

Be alert for the official announcement which will be released the
second half of August. The announcement will include links to the
updated Application Guide as well as the application form and other
information pertinent to the application process.

Look for the announcement here in the AMSAT News Service Bulletin,
via the AMSAT-BB, via the ARRL and several other news venues.

[ANS thanks ARISS, Charlie AJ9N and David AA4KN for the above


Satellite Shorts From All Over

+ ISS R&D Presentations ISS Contact and Booth Photos

  If you weren't able to attend the ISS Research & Development
  Conference last month, or watch the live webcast, use this link
  to access all the videos, presentations and photos:


  [ANS thanks the American Astronautical Society and the ISS R&D
  Confrence for the above information]

+ Want to learn more about Rocket and Space Technology?

  Visit Robert A. Braeunig's Rocket and Space technology site at

  [ANS thanks C. Robert Welti, PhD. for the above information]


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