[amsat-bb] LilacSat-2 pass @ 0147 UTC tonight (29 September)

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Tue Sep 29 05:31:28 UTC 2015


There was a nice turnout on the 0147 UTC LilacSat-2 pass
over the US west coast. Stations up and down the coast, and
as far east as west Texas, were on. Unlike with the first
QSO I made on this satellite last week, when it was raining
very hard on my operating position in the yard, I was able
to have a nice and calm evening.

I used my Icom IC-2820H 2m/70cm FM mobile radio for my uplink
transmitter, and an SDR setup for the downlink receiver -
SDRplay SDR receiver, 8-inch Windows 10 tablet with HDSDR
software - to operate full-duplex. I connected both of these
through a diplexer to my Elk log periodic. I used HDSDR to
make an RF recording of both downlinks - the FM repeater
downlink around 437.200 MHz, and the digital telemetry
downlink around 437.225 MHz. I think I had a better copy on
the 437.225 MHz downlink tonight than over the weekend, and
logged 6 contacts on the FM repeater.

Last week, when I worked Glenn AA5PK, I was not able to get
through with anything less than 50W transmit power. Tonight
was not as bad, but I found that I couldn't get away with 5W
for more than a few transmissions. The mid-power setting from
my IC-2820H, 15W, worked better. High power (50W) worked well,
too. None of these power levels desensed my SDRplay receiver.
Maybe if the satellite was higher in the sky, and closer to
passing over my head, I might have had better luck using the
5W power level. I saw a mixed reaction on Twitter - one
reported needing to run 50W, and someone else said 5W was

Rather than posting the long and nasty URLs used by Dropbox
for its public folders, I made a shorter URL that can take you
to the recordings and other files I have been posting in my
public Dropbox space:


For tonight's LilacSat-2 pass, look for the folder with the
name "20150929-LilacSat2". If you have an SDR program on your
computer or device, and have the bandwidth to download the RF
recording, download the WAV file with the name starting with
"HDSDR_20150929" in that folder. I also have an MP3 recording
with the audio I heard during the pass, plus photos of my
back yard setup and a screengrab from my phone's tracking app
to show how the pass was for me in central Arizona.

Late last week, I made a one-page graphic with a quick-reference
guide for the LilacSat-2 FM repeater. I now have this graphic
at its own URL:


Please feel free to right-click on the graphic and save it to
your computer/tablet/device.

This pass was the 3rd consecutive pass where LilacSat-2's FM
repeater was operational over the continental USA. It was nice
to see the reports from the two earlier passes, and then to
work it for myself on the third pass. Thanks to the LilacSat-2
team for another FM satellite for us!


Twitter: @WD9EWK

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