[amsat-bb] Fall Grid Trip - Summary

R.T.Liddy k8bl at ameritech.net
Tue Sep 29 02:39:21 UTC 2015

This Fall's Grid Expedition took place 9/17-9/23. I had several requeststo activate some northern Grids in Ontario and Quebec. So, I mapped outa route quite a ways north of  Toronto in Ontario to EN99 and over intoQuebec to FN18 and down to Montreal and over to FN24 in Upstate NY.
My portable station was an ICOM 820H and an Arrow Antenna on a homebrewAX/EL/Vert/Horiz tripod mount. You can see the setup on my QRZ.com page,but it shows my Arrow prior to building the tripod which makes things much easier.
The first station worked on the trip was KG5CCI while in FN05 on FO29and the last station worked was WI9I while in FN24 on SO50. Special Thanksto Frank K4FEG who was always around with helpful info and assisting withputting out status messages on the Internet on my progress. Extra Special Thanksto John K8YSE who kept me company at the end of most passes when I wasalone and there was no one left to work. John would always have a signal thatwas copyable nearly to my LOS!
Here are some highlights of the Trip by the numbers:0 - The number of stations worked on an FO29 pass in FN08. Where were they?1 - Excellent & Understanding XYL who lets me do these solo trips.1 - Only once did anyone come over to me and ask what I was doing.2 - DX Countries worked. G & ZF.2 - Stations that said I was their FIRST SAT QSO!!3 - Chicken Dinners I ended up with vs.ONE in Quebec due to my poor Francais.4 - Countries worked    ...plus All US Call Areas and VE2 & VE34.56 - Price per gallon in Canadian $ equating to 3.39 in US $5 - The number of cylinders I drove home on the last 150 miles, fouled plug!6 - Motel stays (Thankfully, 25% advantage using US Exchange Rate!)7 - Days on the road seeing absolutely beautiful scenery!!11 - Voltage of my truck battery the day after I got home - replaced. (Glad I was HOME.)12 - Number of Grids activated. FN05,06,07,08,18,17,16,26,24 and EN97,98,9921 - Stops for Grid Activations.73 - Number of different stations worked - 36 with single QSOs and 37 with multiple QSOs.234 - Total QSOs - 181 on FO29 and 53 on SO50.2065 - Total trip miles.++ - Lost count of the number of times I heard, "Thanks for the New Grid!"
Biggest Thrill - Tie between working 2 stations as their FIRST SAT QSO and the multiple   times I gave folks a New Grid!!
Biggest Disappointment - The level of QRM on SO50 on every pass that prevented   numerous QSOs I was trying to finish with stations.
Most Interesting Roadside Marker - 'Now Entering The Arctic Watershed"!! WOW, that's   what I call NORTH!!!
Hope you enjoyed my trip as much as I did. Would I do it again? YOU BETCHA!!
73,     Bob K8BL     /VE3/VE2/W2     (AMSAT #6593   Since 1979)

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