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The AMSAT News Service bulletins are a free, weekly news and infor-
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Corporation. ANS publishes news related to Amateur Radio in Space
including reports on the activities of a worldwide group of Amateur
Radio operators who share an active interest in designing, building,
launching and communicating through analog and digital Amateur Radio

The news feed on http://www.amsat.org publishes news of Amateur
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In this edition:

* Fox-1A to Launch on NROL-55 October 8
* Recording of LilacSat-2's FM Transponder
* Be the first to catch the signals from AAUSAT-5 contest
* LAPAN-A2 To Be Launched September 28
* ARISS-Europe Chairman Retires, Successor Elected
* Space Auction to be held again at this year’s AMSAT Symposium
* AMSAT Space Symposium Paper Publication Deadline Looms
* Fox Telemetry Decoder Software Version 1.0 Available for Download
* ARISS-US Contact Proposals for Schools, Educational Organizations
  Still Being Accepted
* ARISS News
* Satellite Shorts From All Over

ANS-270 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 270
September 27, 2015
BID: $ANS-270

Fox-1A to Launch on NROL-55 October 8

NROL-55 is scheduled to launch on October 8, 2015 from Vandenberg
Air Force Base, California.

NROL-55 will carry an auxiliary payload called Government Rideshare
Advanced Concepts Experiment (GRACE).

GRACE, sponsored by the NRO, will carry 13 CubeSats to space, nine
sponsored by the NRO and four sponsored by NASA.  GRACE is the fourth
NRO-sponsored CubeSat mission. Fox-1A is one of the NASA sponsored



Recording of LilacSat-2's FM Transponder

Several stations were heard making contacts on LilacSat-2's FM
transponder at 2300 UTC today, 26 September on orbit #104 over North

Clayton W5PFG uploaded a recording to Soundcloud:


(Editor's note the URL above is truncated to meet ANS' editorial
requirements. You may need to copy and paste as one line to
guarantee it works)

[ANS thanks Clayton W5PFG for the above information]


Be the first to catch the signals from AAUSAT-5 contest

Be the first to send in your recorded signal from AAUSAT5 and you
will receive a prize from ESA's Education Office.

Launched on 19 August to the ISS, the Danish student CubeSat is now
waiting for its deployment from the Japanese Kibo module’s airlock.
Sometime in the week of 5 October, an astronaut will manipulate a
robotic arm to lift AAUSAT5 from the airlock and place it in orbit.

Once launched from the International Space Station the CubeSat will
begin transmitting signals to Earth that can be picked up by anyone
with common amateur radio equipment. ESA challenges anyone to record
the signal and send it to us (cubesats at esa.int) and Aalborg
University (studentspace at space.aau.dk).

The first correct email received will win the following prices:

ESA/AAUSAT5 poster with signatures of the team members
ESA Education goodie bag
Scale 1:1 3D printed model of the AAUSAT 5 satellite
AAUSAT5 is the 5th CubeSat designed and built by the University of
Aalborg, Denmark. It is the 2nd AAUSAT satellite tested under ESA’s
supervision as part of the ESA Education Office’s Fly Your Satellite

The technical objective of AAUSAT5 is to test  an improved version
of an Automatic Identification System (AIS), which aims  to track and
identify ships transiting away from coastal areas and those in remote

If successful, a satellite-based AIS system could enable the
establishment and use of safe new shipping lanes.

For more information please see the ESA AAUSAT5 website
and the team site from the University of Aalborg.

[ANS thanks ESA for the above information]


LAPAN-A2 To Be Launched September 28

LAPAN-A2 satellite will be launched together on a mission astrosat
India's PSLV-C30 / astrosat on 28 Sep 2015. It will operate in the
near equatorial orbit between 6 to 8 degree, 650km and able to cross
the territory of Indonesia 14 times a day.

LAPAN A2, also known as LAPAN-ORARI, is an indonesian microsatellite
based on the LAPAN-Tubsat. It carries an AIS (Automatic
Identification System) to identify the ships in the waters of
Indonesia and a video camera with a range three times wider than the
Lapan-Tubsat. It also carries a payload for disaster management by
amateur radio communication.

The satellite structure and many subsystems are the same as in its
sister satellite LAPAN A3.

The Earth observation payload of LAPAN A2 consists of a Video camera
(Kappa PAL) for 80 km width ground coverage and a Video camera (Kappa
HDTV for high resolution satellite color video observation with a
ground resolution of 6 m and a ground coverage of 11 × 6 km per video

LAPAN-A2 carries a payload of voice repeaters and an APRS Repeater
for communications of the Organisation for Amateur Radio Indonesia
(ORARI) during a disaster.

[ANS thanks Wisnu YBØAZ and Gunter's Space Page for the above


ARISS-Europe Chairman Retires, Successor Elected

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station-Europe (ARISS-EU
http://www.ariss-eu.org/) Chairman Gaston Bertels, ON4WF, will retire
from that post this fall after serving since 2000, when the ARISS
Working Group was formed. Among other initiatives, Bertels was
involved in the project to have Amateur Radio equipment and antennas
installed on the ISS Columbus module and with the installation and
commissioning of the Ham TV DATV system on the ISS. He has also
personally assisted in many ARISS contacts involving schools and
groups on the Continent.

"[I'm] now 88 and slowing down a bit," Bertels told ARRL in
announcing the election of his successor as ARISS-EU Chairman,
Emanuele D'Andria, I0ELE.

In 2014, International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (IARU-R1
http://www.iaru-r1.org) awarded the Roy Stevens, G2BVN, Memorial
Trophy to Bertels, in recognition of his service to Amateur Radio in
space, first as chairman of the Eurocom Working Group and then of the
Amateur Radio Space Exploration Working Group.

As Bertels explained, a slate of four ARISS-EU Board candidates was
presented to the ARISS-EU member societies. All ran unopposed for 2-
year terms. In addition to D'Andria, other Board members include
Oliver Amend, DG6BCE, technical director; Bertus Hüsken, PE1KEH,
counselor, and Jean Pierre Courjaud, F6DZP, counselor. The new ARISS-
EU Board takes office on October 1.

The ARISS membership includes the AMSAT organizations in Belgium,
France, Italy, Sweden, and the UK, and the IARU member societies in
Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, the
Netherlands, and the UK. IARU member societies in Malta and Lebanon
are associate members.

"Congratulations to the elected Board, and best wishes for a very
successful term of office," Bertels said in announcing the new board.

[ANS thanks The ARRL Letter for the above information]


Space Auction to be held again at this year’s AMSAT Symposium

In light of the very successful—and fun—auction at last year’s AMSAT
Symposium, AMSAT-NA is pleased to announce that you can look forward
to another auction at this year’s Symposium.  The auction will be
held at the Friday night reception.  Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA, has
again volunteered to be the Auctioneer.

To date, we have several space-related items for the auction.
However, to make this auction, interesting, fun, and “profitable”**
we could use many more items.  Some of the items auctioned last year
included several astronaut autographed items, including a DVD from
Richard Garriott, Russian memorabilia, spacecraft and rocket models,
space related books, the sign from the AMSAT Lab and items from
previous AMSAT satellites.

If you have any space or AMSAT related items you would like to
donate for the auction, please contact Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, at
ka3hdo at amsat.org.  Think about this and use your creativity as this
is for a good cause.  We thank you for your donations in advance!

**And don’t forget that AMSAT is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit
organization.  So your auction donations are tax deductible!!

[ANS thanks Frank KA3HDO for the above information]


AMSAT Space Symposium Paper Publication Deadline Looms

AMSAT Space Symposium Proceedings Chairman, Dan Shultz, N8FGV,
reminds all that the final deadline for receiving Papers for
publication in the AMSAT Symposium Proceedings is


Final drafts should be submitted to Dan, n8fgv (at) usa (dot) net.

Dan advises that authors who are pushing hard to meet this deadline
should contact him immediately.  n8fgv (at) usa (dot) net.

These papers will be presented at the AMSAT Space Symposium to be
held on the weekend of October 16-18, 2015, at the Crown Plaza Hotel,
Dayton, Ohio.

[ANS thanks Dan N8FGV for the above information]


Fox Telemetry Decoder Software Version 1.0 Available for Download

Version 1.0 of the FoxTelem software, the Fox Telemetry Decoder is
being released to enable setup, testing, and debugging of your Fox-1A
ground station prior to the launch of the satellite. FoxTelem is used
to demodulate, store and analyze telemetry data from AMSAT's Fox
series of Cube Sats.

Fox-1 satellites include two telemetry formats:

+ Slow Speed, also called Data Under Voice (DUV) is 200 bps FSK data
  sent at the same time as the transponder audio. Whenever the trans-
  mitter is on, data is being sent. This happens during beacons and
  during live QSOs.

+ High Speed is 9600 bps FSK sent instead of the transponder. This is
  used for data intensive experiments such as the Virginia Tech
  This is only active when commanded from the ground. You can
  recognize High Speed because it sounds like an old school computer

FoxTelem will receive and store both formats assuming you can feed
it audio that does not have the frequencies below 200 Hz filtered.
For High Speed, the audio must also extend to include the full
9600bps bandwidth of the FM signal. For both modes this is best
achieved from a Software Defined Radio or from the 9600 bps packet
port of some radios. The FoxTelem User Guide provides more details.

FoxTelem is supplied as an archive file (.zip on windows, .dmg file on
MacOs, .gzip on Linux). Links for downloading can be found at:
You can unzip the contents and put it in the directory of your
choice. Also,
detailed in the User Guide, are instructions to select the sound
source and
set received audio levels on your computer.

Until Fox-1A is launched you can confirm everything is working by
testing with test wav file which will be available from:
http://amsat.us/FoxTelem/recordings . Access to the test file is
accomplished by selecting "Load Wav File" from the FoxTelem File
menu, then navigate to the directory where you saved the test wav
file. Once you press the start button the file will play through the

The FoxTelem page can also be accessed from the main AMSAT web page:
http://www.amsat.org --> Fox Project --> FoxTelem Software for
Windows, Mac, & Linux.
The direct link to the page is: http://www.amsat.org/?page_id=4532

[ANS thanks the FoxTelem software team for the above information]


ARISS-US Contact Proposals for Schools, Educational Organizations
Still Being Accepted

Message to US Educators
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
Contact Opportunity
Call for Proposals
Proposal Window September 1 – November 1, 2015

The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) Program
is seeking formal and informal education institutions and
organizations, individually or working together, to host an Amateur
Radio contact with a crew member on board the ISS. ARISS anticipates
that the contact would be held between July 1 and December 31, 2016.
Crew scheduling and ISS orbits will determine the exact contact
dates. To maximize these radio contact opportunities, ARISS is
looking for organizations that will draw large numbers of
participants and integrate the contact into a well-developed
education plan.

The deadline to submit a proposal is November 1, 2015. Proposal
information and documents can be found at www.arrl.org/hosting-an-

Informational Sessions
To help organizations in preparing their proposals, the ARISS
Program Coordinator will offer hour-long online information sessions.
These are designed to provide more information regarding US ARISS
contacts and the proposal process and offer an opportunity to ask
questions. While attending an online information session is not
required, it is strongly encouraged.

The next and last of these will be offered Wednesday, September 30,
at 2300 UTC.

Advance registration is necessary. E-mail ARISS (ariss at arrl.org) to
sign up for an information session.

The Opportunity
Crew members aboard the International Space Station will participate
in scheduled Amateur Radio contacts. These radio contacts are
approximately 10 minutes in length and allow students and educators
to interact with the astronauts through a question-and-answer session.

An ARISS contact is a voice-only communication opportunity via
Amateur Radio between astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the space
station and classrooms and communities. ARISS contacts afford
education audiences the opportunity to learn firsthand from
astronauts what it is like to live and work in space and to learn
about space research conducted on the ISS. Students also will have an
opportunity to learn about satellite communication, wireless
technology, and radio science. Because of the nature of human
spaceflight and the complexity of scheduling activities aboard the
ISS, organizations must demonstrate flexibility to accommodate
changes in contact dates and times.

Amateur Radio organizations around the world, NASA, and space
agencies in Russia, Canada, Japan and Europe sponsor this educational
opportunity by providing the equipment and operational support to
enable direct communication between crew on the ISS and students
around the world via Amateur Radio. In the US, the program is managed
by AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation) and ARRL (American
Radio Relay League) in partnership with NASA.

More Information
Interested parties can find more information about the program at
www.ariss.org and www.arrl.org/ARISS.

For proposal information and more details such as expectations,
proposal guidelines and proposal form, and dates and times of
Information Sessions go to http://www.arrl.org/hosting-an-ariss-
contact. Please direct any questions to ariss at arrl.org

[ANS thanks ARISS for the above information]



Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2015-09-24  05:00 UTC

Quick list of scheduled contacts and  events:

Nowogard Union Schools: Junior High School No. 2, Nowogard,  Poland,
telebridge via LU1CGB
The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be  NA1SS
The scheduled astronaut is Kjell Lindgren KO5MOS
Contact is a go  for: Tue 2015-09-29 12:56:27 UTC 36 deg
Watch for possible live stream  http://ariss.pzk.org.pl/live/

Fukara Junior  High School, Susono, Japan, direct via 8N2F
The ISS callsign is presently  scheduled to be NA1SS
The scheduled astronaut is Kimiya Yui KG5BPH
Contact  is a go for: Thu 2015-10-01 10:26:55 UTC 85  deg


Interested  in hosting an ARISS contact?

The window is now open from 2015-09-01 to  2015-11-01. These
proposals will be for school contacts during the second half  of
Go to http://www.arrl.org/hosting-an-ariss-contact or
http://www.ariss.org/apply-to-host-an-ariss-contact.html for full

To help organizations in preparing their proposals, the  ARISS
Program Coordinator will offer hour-long online information sessions.
These are designed to provide more information regarding US ARISS
contacts and the proposal process and offer an opportunity to ask
questions. While attending  an online information session is not
required, it is strongly encouraged.

One last session will be offered Wednesday, September 30, at 2300
UTC. Advance registration is necessary.  Email ARISS (ariss at arrl.org)
to sign up for an information  session.


>From  2015-12-20 to 2016-01-04, there will be no US Operational
Segment (USOS) hams on board ISS. So any schools contacts during this
period will be conducted  by the ARISS Russia  team.


ARISS  is always glad to receive listener reports for the above
contacts. ARISS thanks everyone in advance for their assistance.
Feel free to send your reports to aj9n at amsat.org or aj9n at aol.com.


Check  out the Zoho reports of the ARISS  contacts



Exp.  43/44 on orbit
Scott Kelly
Mikhail Kornienko RN3BF

Exp. 44 on  orbit
Oleg Kononenko RN3DX
Kimiya Yui KG5BPH
Kjell Lindgren  KO5MOS

Exp. 45 on orbit
Sergey Volkov  RU3DIS

[ANS thanks ARISS, Charlie AJ9N and David AA4KN for the above


Satellite Shorts From All Over

+ Satellite Activation on Argentina's Martin Garcia Island

  Members of the Radio Club Argentino will activate the special
  callsign LU4AA/D from the Argentine exclave Martin Garcia Island
  (ILLW AR 022, WW Loc. GF05VT) in Uruguayan waters (part of the La
  Plata in Buenos Aires Province) between/around 2000z, October 1st
  and 1400z, October 4th. Operators mentioned are Francisco/ LU1AET,
  Martin/LU1AMH, Fernando/LU1ARG, Carlos LU1BCE, Fernando LU2BPM,
  Nico/LW3DN and Juan/LU8ARI. Activity will be on 80-1  meters, as
  well as 6m/2m/70cm, and using CW, SSB, Satellites, SSTV and the
  Digital modes. QSL by the Bureau or via LU4AA direct.

  PLEASE NOTE: The trip, originally planned for middle August had to
  be rescheduled as a strong storm caused a heavy flooding and closed
  the departure port.

  [ANS thanks the Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 1233 for the above



In addition to regular membership, AMSAT offers membership in the
President's Club. Members of the President's Club, as sustaining
donors to AMSAT Project Funds, will be eligible to receive addi-
tional benefits. Application forms are available from the AMSAT

Primary and secondary school students are eligible for membership
at one-half the standard yearly rate. Post-secondary school students
enrolled in at least half time status shall be eligible for the stu-
dent rate for a maximum of 6 post-secondary years in this status.
Contact Martha at the AMSAT Office for additional student membership

This week's ANS Editor,
EMike McCardel, KC8YLD
kc8yld at amsat dot org

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