[amsat-bb] TianWang 1A, 1B and 1C

Nico Janssen hamsat at xs4all.nl
Sat Sep 26 11:59:08 UTC 2015

The new Long March 11 (CZ-11) launch vehicle was launched for its
maiden flight on 25 September at 01:41 UTC from Jiuquan with four
satellites on board. Three of those are planned to have 2 m, 70 cm
and 2.4 GHz downlinks. The 70 cm downlink frequencies have been
published by BD5RV.

TW-1A (TianWang 1A, SECM-1), a 2U Cubesat
TW-1B (TianWang 1B, NJUST-2), a 2U Cubesat
TW-1C (TianWang 1B, NJFA-1), a 3U Cubesat.

The TW-1 satellites will test formation flying, evaluate a SDR
payload, and test a GPS/Beidou receiver, AIS receiver, ADS-B receiver
and a video camera.

The TW-1 satellites are in polar orbits, 470 x 485 km, 97.3 degrees
inclination. Their IDs are in the object range 40925 to 40928 (i.e.
2015-051A to 2015-051D).


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