[amsat-bb] LVB Tracker v0.9 Firmware

Howard Long hlong at btinternet.com
Fri Sep 25 10:16:49 UTC 2015

Hello Sion.

Not sure what's happened to that file, apologies, when I get chance I'll
take a look at why the link is broken.

When that was originally written, there wasn't a defined way to set the
processor config bits within a .hex file, and I distributed the original
.hex files without the config bits assigned. Below, I have links to two
files from my archive, the first with the appropriate config bits set, and
the second without. For ease of use, I'd use the one with the config bits
already set. For completeness, the config bits should be 0x3F31 (FOSC=XT,

To use, open MPLAB v8, Configure -> Select Device, set to PIC16F877 or
PIC16F877A. Then File -> Import and select the hex file. Then select your
programmer and program the device.

With config bits set:

Without config bits:

It's been a long time since I looked at this, so apologies if I got anything
wrong here!

73, Howard G6LVB

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Dear All,

I have been an original LVB Tracker for many years running firmware  
0.7.  Recently I am having some problems with the serial  
communications and from the forums, I notice that firmware version 0.9  
has resolved these issues.

However, the link published (many of which are few years ago) to  
download this firmware at  
http://www.g6lvb.com/Articles/LVBTracker/LVBTrack.hex seems to be no  
longer valid.

I have been trying to look around but failed to obtain a copy of the  
firmware version 0.9 .hex file.  Would really appreciate any pointers  
of where I could obtain this new firmware.

Thank you.

Sion Chow Q. C.,
ex: 9W2QC, AB3IO, WQ2C /HL1 /YB9

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