[amsat-bb] Kenwood TM-733 for FM sats

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 18:19:11 UTC 2015


It looks like it may be sufficiently similar to my TM-V7A to comment.

The TM-V7A, like most Kenwood rigs does not allow you to store cross-band in the memories.  Assuming a 
mode J satellite such as SO-50 and the new LilacSat-2, I store a single VHF memory with PL tone as 
needed for TX, and then the usual 5 UHF memories for RX to allow for Doppler.  Start with the highest RX 
frequency for AOS, and then work down.  The only tricky thing is to remember to switch PTT to the UHF 
side so you can change the frequency, and then immediately switch back to the VHF side to TX.  For that 
matter, you can use the VFO rather than MR and accomplish the same thing, but using the memories saves 
my fading memory, and reduces the chances of messing things up in the heat of battle.



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<I have a kenwood TM-733.
<This radio is nice because it is full duplex cross-band, but I am having
<issues trying to figure out how to use it with satellites.
<The problem is that I will have to switch between bands and change each
<frequency when adjusting for doppler, and I can't find a simple solution
<with channels because doing an odd split channel only seems to split
<between VHF - VHF or UHF - UHF not V-U.
<Even if that would work, it would not be full duplex.
<Is there any solution using this radio for FM sats???
<Skyler Fennell
<electricity440 at gmail.com
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