[amsat-bb] gating PSAT

Sil sil at calorific.co.nz
Mon Sep 14 13:58:46 UTC 2015

Thanks Mike.

I am not bothered at all that my forwarded packets don't make it. I 
certainly don't need to find ways of getting them to APRS-IS faster, but 
thanks for the advice anyway.

When I looked at the captured packets on APRS-IS, it seemed to me that 
mine were getting lost. I wondered if I had something set up wrongly.

If other stations are getting the first packets in, that is great.

If the APRS-IS didn't work this way, then I would see a list on the 
findu site of duplicate packets  from various Sgates.

Your reassurance is something of a relief. I am rebuilding much of my 
house and running an Sgate is a little awkward. It is good to know that 
it won't matter much if I stop because all other ZL and VK Sgate 
stations are copying the packets anyway.

It's all good.

Sil - ZL2CIA

On 15/09/15 01:24, Mike Rupprecht wrote:
> Hi Sil,
> well, that's the right one. The only chance to be the first one is a better
> connection to your next APRS gateway.
> Maybe you can check also an Australian Server. Simply try to ping the APRS
> server around you and take the one with the fastest response time.
> ... or try to connect aunz.aprs2.net:14580 and see which is the suggested
> server.
> 73 Mike
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> Hi Mike.
> aprsnz.aprs2.net
> port 14580
> Sil - ZL2CIA
>> Hi Sil,
>> which APRS-IS server do you use?
>> 73 Mike
>> DK3WN
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>> Hi,
>> I sometimes see received packets (like the one below) that show as
>> gated to the net by my Sgate, but do not make it to findu
>> (http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi).
>> Is there anything I can do, change, alter, or configure, to increase
>> the chances of the packet making it to the findu site?
>> The gate is currently running on an old Windows machine and the gating
>> is completed by UIView.
>> Sil - ZL2CIA
>> <Time and date is UT>
>> 2015-Sep-11 22:18:12 PSAT-1>APOFF,ARISS,ZL2CIA,I:
>> T#543,855,090,649,857,851,00011100
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