[amsat-bb] TLE's for AO-85

Joe Fitzgerald jfitzgerald at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Oct 14 04:08:36 UTC 2015

We are in that mad scramble after a cubesat deployment after a launch
from a military mission where we don't have a good NORAD//JSpOC/ object
number.    People have been having good success with the object dubbed
"GRACE_47" by CalPoly, with the placeholder number of 90747, and the
TLE's have been added to nasabare.txt and nasa.all under that name and

1 90747U          15286.49403807 +.00001891 +00000-0 +21258-3 0 00074
2 90747 064.7778 276.6321 0217755 280.3643 225.3523 14.74250622000597

-Joe KM1P

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