[amsat-bb] Just Checking... (AO-85)

Loon - w3mat at outlook.com
Mon Oct 12 03:30:35 UTC 2015

This is how I have both of my FT-60's programmed...
(Mem.1) 435.170 MHz 145.980 MHz   (AOS)(Mem.2) 435.175 MHz 145.980 MHz   (Approach)(Mem.3) 435.180 MHz 145.980 MHz   (Max El)(Mem.4) 435.185 MHz 145.980 MHz   (Depart)(Mem.5) 435.190 MHz 145.980 MHz   (LOS)
I work two FT-60's on an Arrow Antenna where the Duplexer has been removed and RG-8X cables.  VHF to thereceive HT, and the UHF cable to the transmit HT.  I've noticed that when AO-85 comes above the horizon andI can hear it on RX, I am not hearing myself through the receive HT.  I've tried switching between Mem 1 and Mem 2 on the approach and nothing.  What I am doing wrong?  Do I need to start at a higher input, say 437.180,or do I need lower inputs at the start, i.e. 437.160 or 437.165.  On the passes I have heard AO-85, there seem toalways be three of four real strong stations, but yet I seem to be having difficulty reaching the bird.  Any help wouldbe greatly appreciated.  Oh, I am transmitting in FM Narrow if that has anything to do with it.
PLEASE.... I posted something similar, seeking assistance, to the Facebook AMSAT group and basically received no help,but rather immature replies with the exception of one or two.  I certainly hope that is not the result here.
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