[amsat-bb] How to Know When Your AO-85 Telemetry Has Been Uploaded?

Scott scott23192 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 11:42:17 UTC 2015

Yes, after trying everything that I could think of with no luck, it occurred to me that I could dump the data that had been received previously (when "upload" was turned off) and replay my I/Q file once again into the Fox Telem software with "upload" turned on.

That worked, but only 4 packets uploaded even though the software indicated 10 decodes.  Not sure why, but I was satisfied... I don't consider it a competition; I really just wanted to get completely through the process and actually have some data upload to the site.

I do have some observations that I'll share on the chance that it helps someone else.

While several bit rates are available in the Fox Telem software on a drop-down menu, the documentation recommends 48,000.  So, before replaying my I/Q file that last time, I reconfigured SDR# as well as the VB-Cable audio link to both work at 48,000.  Sure enough, I decoded many more packets than I had previously.  Going forward I'll capture the data with those settings.

Last night's pass might have been unique in that it was a minute of slow-speed data but then transitioned to high-speed.  So, I had to replay my I/Q file twice... once with the Fox Telem software set to slow data and again with it set to high.  However, I realize now that I could have easily paused the playback in SDR#, stopped the Fox Telem input, switched to high speed, and resumed the playback.  

Since I'm not going to have an internet connection during the initial data capture, it would appear that the correct sequence of events for my configuration will be to only use the Fox Telem software during a fly-over to give me some feedback as to how well I'm receiving.  I'll then dump the resulting payload and replay the recorded I/Q file with an active internet connection and the Fox Telem software set to upload.  It would be wonderful if the software would "store & forward" the packets once online, but this might be a blessing in disguise as there is every chance that I'll have a better result decoding under controlled conditions where I'm don't have my hands full with an antenna, etc.

Also, I see that many people with more advanced setups are able to play their recorded I/Q .wav files directly in the Fox Telem software.  I did not have any success with that and I actually liked replaying my recordings in SDR# so that I could verify that I was centered on the carrier and make minor frequency adjustments.  I was also tweaking output levels on replay.  I didn't really know if there was any benefit in that, but I told myself that I was keeping the waveforms on the Fox Telem software as "clean" as possible in hopes of more decodes.  Similar apps give some level feedback so you'll know if you are feeding it at the right volume, but it's still a really nice app.

At any rate, I was pretty tickled with any success at all and VERY appreciative of the information that others have shared.

In summary, my setup is:

-Arrow dual-band antenna (will test some future passes with omni QFH when elevation is high)
-$20 RTL-SDR dongle
-SDR# on Windows-7, FM-narrow @ 32k bandwidth with audio set to 48,000, doppler tracking from Orbitron
-VB Cable set to 48,000
-Fox Telem software with AF input set to VB-Cable @ 48,000



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  There is a  K4KDR-FM17 in the list with 4 somethings (frames payloads packets or whatever)



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My Fox 1 Telemetry Analysis Tool is showing "Decoded: 8" and "Queued: 0" at
bottom of the screen.

I have my station details complete and the box to
"Upload to Server" is

Not seeing my call sign on the Leaderboard
Statistics page, but I have no
idea how long to wait before I should expect
some feedback from an upload
to be reflected on that page.

Is there some way
to know when the Windows App has completed an upload

I have
logging enabled and see a line as follows:

Trying Primary Server:

... but no indication of a successful -or- failed
upload.  I do have an
active internet connection.

Many thanks.

Montpelier, VA 
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