[amsat-bb] uptime 119439 fox telem

Bob KD7YZ kd7yz at denstarfarm.us
Sat Oct 10 02:33:12 UTC 2015

seems there was a lot more deep-fades. Made decoding a bit more
lengthily. Is she spinning? The "Eye" sometimes had a difficult time
holding the proper, what I believe is, proper form to make a decode.

A previous pass was the high-speed and got nothing off that with my Funcube

That "FOX-1A Computer RT Battery 12c "FAIL "" is that an issue up there?

This pass I fooled around with the Win-7 sound device settings for the
FCDP+ .. I thought I might be seeing some flat-topping on the Sample
view of the first tab. It was set at 100. I was able to get down around
15 and still decode. Left it about 90 .

For unattended operation, should I set "Find Signal" ? I have frequency
set to 145960 . track doppler (x) was Find Signal but I am not sure if
this is desirable.

W/O it, will program center on a 4 to 7 SNR peak all by itself?

AmSat LM#901

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