[amsat-bb] Guess I need Help with Fox-1A Software and IC910

KO6TZ Bob my.callsign at verizon.net
Fri Oct 9 00:33:06 UTC 2015


I have used sound card data at 9k6 with my IC910 for many years. I have 
found that using an interface with isolation transformers, works poorly.

Try wiring directly from the 9k6 pin of the sub band on the IC910 to the 
line-in of your desktop computer.  I say desktop because many / most 
laptops have a microphone input only.  That will probably not work.

Secondly, the 9600 setting on the radio is a transmit setting, not 
receive.  If you want to try using the SignaLink to see if it will work, 
move the strap inside the SignaLink to the 9k6 pin of the radio.

I have a low pass here in the west at 01:30u and a good one at 03:00u.  
I will see what kind of success  comes my way.


Disappointing. I normally decode ARISS as well as local APRS. I heard 
the Voice ID gal very strongly, numerous times. The program was set to 
get audio from the SignaLink USB just as MixW and UISS are. Though they 
were no loaded. On the IC910, I set "9600" on then after a while OFF 
then switched it back again later. Got no decodes nor heard anything in 
the form of a signal except the Fox1 Safe Mode gal. Can I get some 
guidance before nest pass? thanks -- 73,

  Bob KD7YZ www.qrz.com/db/kd7yz AmSat LM#901

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