[amsat-bb] Working RS0ISS-1?

Stefan Wagener wageners at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 23:26:46 UTC 2015

Hi Tom,

It is highly recommended NOT to connect to the ISS mailbox. Any connection
attempt if successful will block ISS digipeater operation for everyone
else. When the ISS packet system is active (digipeater) folks use it for
APRS purposes and exchange position information and/or short text messages.
Use of the mailbox is of no benefit since it does not contain anything of
value. You can find a lot of useful information by just googling "ISS APRS"


Hope this helps and good luck,

Stefan, VE4NSA

On Wed, Oct 7, 2015 at 3:33 PM, Thomas Karpiniec <tk at 1.21jiggawatts.net>

> Hi all,
> I'm just getting started with sats and tried to connect to the mailbox
> on the ISS this morning. I must have done the wrong thing because it
> didn't go how I expected. I tried to make an ordinary connection to
> RS0ISS-1 from VK7NTK-1 and RS0ISS-0 responded (I think to me?) with:
> RS0ISS>CQ:Logged on to RS0ISS's Personal Message System<0x0d>
> RS0ISS>CQ:on board the International Space Station<0x0d>
> This suggests to me that even the mailbox is using some sort of unproto
> system. I haven't seen any information anywhere about interacting with
> the mailbox that way. Would anyone be able to send me a link to
> up-to-date instructions, or explain what format it's expecting me to
> send, to which SSID?
> Many thanks,
> Tom VK7NTK
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