[amsat-bb] Basic TV-type AZ-only rotator for Orbitron?

Jim Barbre jbarbre at xmission.com
Tue Oct 6 20:34:21 UTC 2015

Hi Daniel,

     This might be what you are looking for. It is 12V DC and is 
designed for portable operation. I own one and I like it very much. It 
is light duty - not for large antennas.  I use a program called 
PstRotator to interface it with Orbitron.

Hope this helps.
Jim Barbre

On 10/6/2015 3:39 AM, Daniel Cussen wrote:
>> Wondering if anyone could recommend a basic AZ-only rotator that is
>> compatible with Orbitron?
>> I was hoping to find perhaps a low-cost television antenna rotator (or
>> similar) to give me some automation in the AZ direction without the expense
>> of a full AZ-EL system.
>> Something that works on 12vDC for portable operation would be a nice bonus,
>> but is certainly not mandatory.

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