[amsat-bb] HDSDR SDRplay 817 issue

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Mon Oct 5 21:26:26 UTC 2015

	Hi Erich, I hope all is well with you, all is good here. Thank you!
 I knew it had to be something stupid I was missing. I was using the DDE to
HDSDR because it lists SatPC32 there, as there is no available doc
explaining all this, and it seemed to work with the FM birds it had me
stumped. I switched to CAT to HDSDR and all is acting like you said. Thanks

73 Jeff kb2m

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here Doppler correction and frequency tuning works flawlessly with FM and
SSB sats.
My setup:
Radio 1 (FUNCube Dongle Pro +):  TS-2000, COM  5, Baudrate 57600, CAT delay
20 Radio 2: FT-817, COM 12 (USB-to-Serial), Baudrate 38400

HDSDR, menu Options:
CAT to HDSR (important, don't choose DDE to HDSDR ), COM 6, Baudrate 57600
Item "activated" checked

COM 5 and 6 are linked virtual Ports, generated with VSP Mgr.

Frequency tuning of HDSDR and FT-817 by SatPC32 via the 5 controls or the
direction keys up/down and right/left works (SatPC32 must be the active
program - blue headerline) Frequency via HDSRD works also, SatPC32 and the
FT-817 follow.

You cannot QSY via the FT-817's VFO since it is the TX radio.

73s, Erich, DK1TB

Am 05.10.2015 um 13:21 schrieb kb2m at arrl.net:
>   After some OTA time what I'm finding out is that my setup here works 
> only with FM sats. SO-50, CAS-3H, and NO-84(with the FM d/l). All of 
> the linear birds do not work. What happens with the linear birds is 
> when you first initialize them upon AOS the frequencies change 
> correctly at the start of pass but after that there is no Doppler 
> correction on the 817, or frequency manipulation with SatPC32's Cat 
> tuning drop down box. With the FM birds all of this works correctly.
>   If someone actually has this setup working with the linear birds I 
> would like to see your exact configuration. Either I'm missing 
> something not so obvious, or there is a s/w bug, possibly in HDSDR.
> My setup...
> FT-817ND
> SDRplay
> SatPC32 ver 12.8c
> HDSDR 2.70
> 73 Jeff kb2m
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> Yes, I use VSP with HDSDR to full integrate with SatPC32 successfully.
> Make sure radio 2 is set to the proper radio type in SatPC32 for the
> Use radio 1 for the CAT interface to HDSDR. It will appear as a 
> Kenwood TS-2000.  You will need to activate CAT in HDSDR for it to work.
> I have used this setup many times for a full automated SDR station on 
> the satellites with a FUNcube Dongle Pro + and FT-857D.
> 73
> Clayton
> On 10/4/2015 13:40, kb2m at arrl.net wrote:
>> I'm trying to get HDSDR and SatPC32,  to play nicely with  HDRplay 
>> and an FT-817. I have the HDSDR working with SDRplay like Patrick has 
>> demonstrated on here and I'm trying to complete the setup for an 
>> fully
> automated system.
>> I'm trying to get the setup working to the point that if I change the 
>> uplink frequency on the 817  with its physical dial the downlink on 
>> HDSDR will follow. I'm about half way there. I'm  at the point if I 
>> change the downlink frequency in SatPC32 the HDSDR display changes 
>> with it, but not the 817's uplink frequency. When I first load 
>> SatPC32 the 817's frequency changes to the correct uplink frequency 
>> but doesn't update afterwards. I'm using VSP Manager to create the 
>> VSP's I think  I'm a little confused about how this should all hook 
>> together
> serially. Anyone have this working 100% ?
>> 73 Jeff kb2m
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