[amsat-bb] HDSDR SDRplay 817 issue

Erich Eichmann erich.eichmann at t-online.de
Mon Oct 5 18:02:46 UTC 2015

here Doppler correction and frequency tuning works flawlessly with FM 
and SSB sats.
My setup:
Radio 1 (FUNCube Dongle Pro +):  TS-2000, COM  5, Baudrate 57600, CAT 
delay 20
Radio 2: FT-817, COM 12 (USB-to-Serial), Baudrate 38400

HDSDR, menu Options:
CAT to HDSR (important, don't choose DDE to HDSDR ),
COM 6, Baudrate 57600
Item "activated" checked

COM 5 and 6 are linked virtual Ports, generated with VSP Mgr.

Frequency tuning of HDSDR and FT-817 by SatPC32 via the 5 controls or 
the direction keys up/down and right/left works (SatPC32 must be the 
active program - blue headerline)
Frequency via HDSRD works also, SatPC32 and the FT-817 follow.

You cannot QSY via the FT-817's VFO since it is the TX radio.

73s, Erich, DK1TB

Am 05.10.2015 um 13:21 schrieb kb2m at arrl.net:
>   After some OTA time what I'm finding out is that my setup here works only
> with FM sats. SO-50, CAS-3H, and NO-84(with the FM d/l). All of the linear
> birds do not work. What happens with the linear birds is when you first
> initialize them upon AOS the frequencies change correctly at the start of
> pass but after that there is no Doppler correction on the 817, or frequency
> manipulation with SatPC32's Cat tuning drop down box. With the FM birds all
> of this works correctly.
>   If someone actually has this setup working with the linear birds I would
> like to see your exact configuration. Either I'm missing something not so
> obvious, or there is a s/w bug, possibly in HDSDR.
> My setup...
> FT-817ND
> SDRplay
> SatPC32 ver 12.8c
> HDSDR 2.70
> 73 Jeff kb2m
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> Yes, I use VSP with HDSDR to full integrate with SatPC32 successfully.
> Make sure radio 2 is set to the proper radio type in SatPC32 for the FT-817.
> Use radio 1 for the CAT interface to HDSDR. It will appear as a Kenwood
> TS-2000.  You will need to activate CAT in HDSDR for it to work.
> I have used this setup many times for a full automated SDR station on the
> satellites with a FUNcube Dongle Pro + and FT-857D.
> 73
> Clayton
> On 10/4/2015 13:40, kb2m at arrl.net wrote:
>> I'm trying to get HDSDR and SatPC32,  to play nicely with  HDRplay and
>> an FT-817. I have the HDSDR working with SDRplay like Patrick has
>> demonstrated on here and I'm trying to complete the setup for an fully
> automated system.
>> I'm trying to get the setup working to the point that if I change the
>> uplink frequency on the 817  with its physical dial the downlink on
>> HDSDR will follow. I'm about half way there. I'm  at the point if I
>> change the downlink frequency in SatPC32 the HDSDR display changes
>> with it, but not the 817's uplink frequency. When I first load SatPC32
>> the 817's frequency changes to the correct uplink frequency but
>> doesn't update afterwards. I'm using VSP Manager to create the VSP's I
>> think  I'm a little confused about how this should all hook together
> serially. Anyone have this working 100% ?
>> 73 Jeff kb2m
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