[amsat-bb] Packet on MixW

skristof at etczone.com skristof at etczone.com
Thu Jul 30 16:39:01 UTC 2015


I forgot (or didn't know) about the downlink being BPSK/USB. At the
moment I don't know how to do an uplink in one mode and the downlink in

I have an eggbeater, so tracking is not an issue. (I acknowledge that a
rotor and a yagi would be better, but I'm working with what I got). 

Anyway, on this pass I heard nothing, but I was listening in FM. I have
heard the CW ID a few times in the past. Guess I was listening on USB
those times. 

Steve AI9IN 

On 2015-07-30 12:17, Bob KD7YZ wrote: 

> On 30-Jul-15 1213, skristof at etczone.com wrote:
>> I'm going to try using the Text macro on UISS. If it works I'll let you know.
> roger-roger. looks like I have a couple mins to set that text box up
> before the pass.
> last night I set SatPC32 on auto and hadd all the Duchifat windows open.
> This is the second itme I decoded nothing. three nites ago though I got
> a long string of decodes at 1 or 2 AM.
> The dang Doppler on downlonk is crucial to get centered since it's BPSK
> on USB. I find it hard to do with the CAT function on SatPC32.
> what u using to track?
> 73,

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