[amsat-bb] duplexer used as a filter

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I have used a CF-416 for years with no problem.  I wrap it with several turns of bubble wrap, and
secure those with tape or cable ties.  I then wrap that with heavy duty aluminum foil, several turns,
and also secure that.  Finally, the top cable is wrapped with several turns of tape sealing the
junction of cable and foil to prevent water from running down under the foil.  Every 2 years I crack
it open to check it, and replace the sealing material.  So far it has kept the rain out, and prevented
condensation accumulation.  



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<I'm trying to setup a remote sat station and need help with a desence
<filter.  I was using a Diamond MX72-n and was experiencing water intrusion.
<I then checked the archives and consulted the group and went to the
<recommended Comet CF-416. Guess what, I'm still getting water into the
<duplexer. I thought that it was more suited to outdoor service on the
<recommendation of the group. So, before I take apart one of the duplexers to
<attempt to waterproof, does anyone know of a duplexer that is designed for
<outdoor use on the tower? I really don't have the room for a 12 foot +
<crossboom, so I need to resolve the desence with the duplexer.  Any
<suggestions from someone who has solved this?
<73 Jeff kb2m
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