[amsat-bb] QIKCOM-2 SPoken Messages

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jul 26 18:02:17 UTC 2015

In addition to all of the numbered ARL messages, we have now implemented all
of these additional messages (as adjusted to fit) and found it was trivial
to include a "0-9" modifier in messages... wherever a " _" appears.  There
is still some room.

Remember, for the sender using DTMF the message and callsign always fits
into 16 digits from the DTMF keypad.  The format is:


Where e is an emergency flag which, along with x, must be 9 if this is a
true emergency message otherwise it says "TEST ... "
Where MM is the message number (00 to 99)
Where x is a numeric modifier for messages with a "_" in them.
Where CCCCCC is the callsign in DTMF and pppp is the key position codes for
the 6 letters
See http://aprs.org/qikcom-2.html

Here are the new  ones implemented.

W2JV suggested: “Greetings from AMSAT.  Keeping ham radio in space over 44
WA1KAT suggested:
There is no cell service here.
Cell battery is dead.
Cell power charging is limited.
Radio power charging is limited.
Next contact time available in 90 minutes.  (time of one full orbit)
Next contact time is tomorrow.
Contact me on _ Meter band. (interpret as 1=160, 2=2m, 3=30, 8=80, etc)
Bob added:
Demonstrating APRStt at Hamfest
Demonstrating APRStt to friends
I am on schedule.
I may be delayed _ hours
I may be delayed _ days
I may be early _ hours
I May be early _ days
I may quit early  _ stops
I may go farther _ stops
We are camping and enjoying it greatly.
We are hiking and enjoying it greatly.
Call me on my cell.
Call my cell on the hour.
Please Send items number _.     (1=Money,2= food, water, supplies, shoes,
sleeping bag, blanket,fuel)
We are operating on emergency power.
We are operating on solar power.

Just thinkin...

On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 11:11 PM, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
Inviting proposed standard messages for the next APRS Satellite:

Our next QIKCOM-2 APRS satellite will accept 2 digit uplink DTMF messages to
be spoken on the downlink.  We have already programmed all of the ARRL
standard radio grams and emergency messages.
But there is room for more.  So think....  What kind of message would you
want to send (that is not included in the existing ones) from your HT out in
the wilderness.  At a hamfest?  or any other HAM Radio event or opportunity.
Keep them simple and of the same order of length as the existing ones.
The existing ones are listed here:
But the implementation cannot include blanks for fill-in like the regular
ones.  But any sentence that stands alone can work.
Just thought I'd open it up.  Plenty of RAM and only 1 week before
Serious considerations only.  Thanks

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