[amsat-bb] SPROUT satellite messages

河添祥司 cssu12036 at g.nihon-u.ac.jp
Thu Jul 23 07:51:10 UTC 2015

We are Nihon University students in Japan.

We’d like to show to everyone about SPROUT, and we’d like to ask 
receiving cooperation to everyone.

SPROUT was launched at May 24, 2014 from Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

There are 3 main missions in SPROUT.

・Deployment demonstration of inflatable membrane structure.

・Demonstration of attitude determination and control technology for 
several kilogram class nano-satellite.

・Upbringing of human resources of a space sector

For more information


Please see this website.

This time, we made a deployment demonstration of inflatable membrane 

But it's necessary to get a deal of data to get information on a 
satellite, and it takes time to get one of data only my satellite 
communication ground station.

So when everybody of amsat would do reception cooperation, information 
on a satellite can be got quickly

We'd like to request reception cooperation of everybody of “amsat” for 
study promotion.

If you wouldn’t mind, please reception cooperation.

Best regards,

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