[amsat-bb] ISS - Mission Accomplished

Jerry Buxton n0jy at amsat.org
Sun Jul 19 17:27:21 UTC 2015

Viewing the ISS SSTV pictures is always fun for me, that's part of what
we all like to do.

But today I had our 11 year old nephew Juan, who is visiting from
Colombia, in the shack.  He got an earful on the ISS from me about the
SatPC32 tracking map, which we also compared on the globe, and who and
what was up there on ISS.  ISS passed over Colombia on the 1610 UTC pass
too, so he saw how it's possible to see or hear them even from his home.
He got a wonderful eyeful with the image we saw come down live, and I
explained what the various things in the image were about.

But hearing the cosmonaut calling, when I told him it was a real
astronaut talking on the ham radio, was a real gol.  Eyes wide open!

ISS accomplished their mission of bringing "outer space" to kids today,
and Juan jumped right on the tell-me-more wagon after the pass with
great interest in the ISS, our amateur radio satellites (I showed him
other ISS and ARISSat SSTV pictures I had received), and even HF ham
radio as we tuned the bands and watched ISS track down across South
America and into the Atlantic.

It doesn't get any better than that.  Thanks, RS0ISS!  Thanks, ARISS!

Jerry Buxton, NØJY

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