[amsat-bb] PSAT PSK31 experimental software

David W0DHB dave at w0dhb.net
Fri Jul 17 22:11:13 UTC 2015


I went in HRD SAT Track and deleted all defined satellites, then updated
Kep's by using only the nasabare.txt file and now both HRD and Satpc32 are
they same.
I think the problem was multiple NO-84 entries in HRD.

In practice SATPC32 seems to be close.

I have seen  no sign of BricSAT, tle's say it trails PSAT.


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Thanks Dave. I will increase power until I start to see my trace. I was just
following Bob's advice to limit power to 25 watts.

Relative to the SatPC32/HRD SatTrack AOS time discrepancy, which one do you
consider most accurate? It makes a difference. I am using an Arrow antenna
on a G5500 rotator for the UHF downlink. If you are just 8 minutes off, the
Arrow is pointing about 90 degrees off. I have considered turning off the
automated antenna steering and point it manually with the buttons on the
front of the rotator controller. But you must know which prediction is
correct or you will be pointing the antenna all over the place trying to
find where the signal is strongest.

Also, are the BRICSAT TLEs now giving us accurate AOS times or is the
satellite still several minutes behind where the TLEs say it should be?



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