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 Lots of good replies to my question. A little background on my experience
with remoting. I first tried remoting about 10 years ago. At that time my
100 watt system was composed of a Kenwood TS-2000, a Steppir 4L beam,
several wire antennas for the low bands, and an Oscar class satellite
antenna system. I used TXManager to control the radio on HF and the local
repeaters, WiSP for sat work, and SKYPE for the audio. I worked HF, FM sats,
and local repeaters. When I retired from my fulltime job that required a lot
of travel I had no need for a remote system anymore. This time around I'm
living in three different locations. The one in NJ near Philadelphia is the
main station where the HF and sat antennas are currently located. At my
shore condo also in NJ, there is zero places to put up antennas. At my
recently acquired Florida waterfront home I plan on putting up a small
tower, and a vertical grounded into saltwater. I'm also acquiring the
antennas, rotors, etc to put up a smaller yet, sat antenna system. 
 Right now I'm remoting a 600 watt K3 system with one antenna using
Remoterig.com hardware. I use TeamSpeak to 'see' my panadapter s/w and to
control the KPA/KAT500 600 watt tuner/amp system. I used this setup every
day while in Florida for several months setting up the new QTH. I also use
this setup while down the shore at my property there. I really missed
working the sats when I was in Florida for three months, so I started to
think about remoting my sat station also. It looks like I will be once again
going to be using SKYPE for the audio, same as I did ten years ago. The lack
of fullduplex audio seems to be an issue with the SSB birds, last time I did
this I just worked the FM birds, thanks Dave PVH for the SKYPE info to try
on the linear bird's. Thanks to Erich for the hidden tx/rx controls, and the
added rotor info in his SatPC s/w. I was also thinking that it might be a
bit easier to just put a sat station up in Florida, but then I thought it's
a much better shot into EU from NJ then from FL so even if I got OTA from
Florida I still might like to use NJ as a alternate TX site. Lots to think
about, what a great hobby for a retired person :-) At QRZ I'm kinda tracking
what I'm doing, along with some pictures, just goto kb2m.....

73 Jeff kb2m

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You can  remotely switch the radio between RX and TX (PTT). In the
SatPC32 main window double click on the Statusbar at the bottom of the
window. Three TX/RX "buttons" will appear in the corners of the map. If the
remote link fails while the  radio is in TX the program will automatically
switch it back to RX after a selectable  period (menu "Options"). Default is
60 seconds. If you set the value to 0 the functions is disabled.
73s, Erich, DK1TB

Am 14.07.2015 um 16:24 schrieb kb2m at arrl.net:
> Is anyone using TeamViewer  (or any other remote PC control s/w) to 
> control their sat station remotely? I'm able to run SatPC32 remotely 
> to control my Yaesu rotor, LVBTracker, 9100 sat system. Thanks to 
> Erich I can view the actual and target az el position of the rotor with a
version of serverSDX.
> I'm looking for a  s/w program to remotely control radio functions 
> like PTT, and also handle rx/tx audio. I will be heading back to 
> Florida for the winter in October so I have plenty of time to set this 
> up. I also have a small shore home that is 60 miles away to test from 
> as I go down there every week for a few days. Any suggestions from 
> experienced remote sat ops before I start  looking?

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