[amsat-bb] Fox, "Easy Sats" - segway to PSAT PSK31?

Andre sats at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Thu Jul 9 00:41:25 UTC 2015

Op 09-07-15 om 02:10 schreef Robert Bruninga:
> Sig
> I saw KC9LU calling CQ via PSAT tonight on the PSK-31 transpodner and also
> saw a W2EV “robot” probably terrestrial.
> Thanks for the antenna info.  Bob, WB4APR
If the robot is around 300 Hz above 28.120 then it is probably a propnet
Could see if propnet authors are willing to make a sat version that will
include dopler correction and sat prediction so they only transmit when
the sat is in view.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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