[amsat-bb] Delfi-C3 server migration - setting change for RASCAL client

wouter weggelaar pa3weg at amsat.org
Tue Jul 7 18:12:13 UTC 2015

Hi All,

Due to security and maintenance reasons we will have to migrate the
Delfi-C3 telemetry server to a new environment. Unfortunately the IP
address will change, so server settings in RASCAL need to be updated.

The transition will take place during the 8th of July. On this day both
servers will not be offline for 4 -8 hours to be able to migrate the
databases. The local repository of the RASCAL telemetry client frames
should be sufficient to avoid data loss for the downtime. Our advice is to
add the new server as primary/secondary server before the 8th and remove
the old server after the 8th of July.

New IP:

Port: 1099

In case plans change or things do not go as expected, we will notify you as
soon as possible.

Delfi-C3 is doing great. We have long exceeded the design lifetime of the
satellite and she continues to work great.  We appreciate your help in
acquiring data of Delfi-C3 and hope that you continue to track our “old”
bird in the future as well!

Best regards on behalf of the team,

Wouter Weggelaar

Delfi-C3 ops team

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