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Michael Adams mda at n1en.org
Sun Jul 5 04:59:57 UTC 2015


Looking at what all I need to do this trip... and the vegetation situation,  it might not happen this trip (or if it does, it will be short notice). But it looks like I may be commuting between Connecticut and Memphis for a while,  so...

Michael Adams | mda at n1en.org

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From: Bryan Green <bryan at kl7cn.net>
Date: 2015/07/04 14:09 (GMT-06:00)
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Hi, Michael!

Here's what I have done, based on what I learned from Patrick WD9EWK and John K8YSE among others.

1. If you are going to operate on a grid line, you are supposed to "prove it" according to the VUCC rules.

Special attention is to be paid to section 4 (e) and 4 (f), which explain in detail that:

* You have to be "present" in all grids.
* You have to prove it with a GPS set to WGS84 (the default).
* The GPS reading has to be mo more than 20 feet of error.
* Get two photos: the GPS reading and the placement of the GPS in the operating setup.

Here is a reference to those rules:

Practically speaking, I park so that the back end of the minivan is right on the line and set up the radios right on the open back end. Take a big picture and a closeup, and we're good.

If you go somewhere particularly rare, it is a good idea to take these pictures even if it's only for 1 grid square.

2. If you can, send a note to AMSAT-BB indicating when you will be operating and which passes. If you are on Twitter, post it there. I have posted even an hour ahead of time and it is always a good idea to get the word out. My notes look like this:

> Subject: Impromptu Grid DXpedition: KL7CN/W6 at CN80 on SO-50 at 02:37Z with LotW Confirmation
> Hello, all:
> Sorry for the short notice -- we'll be active as follows:
> QTH: CN80 in Northern California
> Satellite: SO-50
> Date and time: Today 2015-06-21 02:37Z
> Confirmation: LotW, etc.
> -- bag
> Bryan KL7CN/W6

My Twitter posts are just the subject line.

3. When I call out I saw something like this:

K-L-7-Charlie-November Slash Double-you Six Delta-Mike-Zero-Five/Zero-Six Gridline

Keeps it short, and advertises that I am in a special place.

I don't bother with signal reports. Everybody gets a 5-9 from the DX.

When someone calls me, suppose it is N4UFO, I say something like this:

November Four Uniform Foxtrot Oscar Confirm

No need to retransmit the grid or my call.

4. If you can, record the pass. You will thank yourself later.

5. Ask W0DHB about LotW logging. He is an expert with LotW and HRD.

The main detail is getting a proper location set up in LotW that includes both grids. It's not hard, but it is unusual so it's a good idea to take a little extra time and get some help to get it right.

Sounds like fun! Go for it!

-- bag

Bryan KL7CN/W6

On Jul 4, 2015, at 06:53, Michael Adams <mda at n1en.org> wrote:

Due to a death in the family,  I am currently enroute to my parents' place in Memphis.

I have a (not full duplex,  unfortunately) HT in my bag,  and I just discovered I had left my Elk in the car from Field Day.

The 90th meridian passes through my old childhood bedroom.

I was wondering, in case the opportunity arises,  what the protocol is for operating on a gridline,  and the subsequent LOTW record keeping.

Michael Adams | mda at n1en.org
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