[amsat-bb] My upcoming road trip (9-13 July)

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sun Jul 5 02:53:20 UTC 2015


This is going to be the plan for my upcoming road trip,
starting on Thursday (9 July) and wrapping up on the
following Monday (13 July). This includes an AMSAT
presentation, some time in/around San Diego, and at
least a thousand miles' driving. Here goes...

Thursday (9 July) AM: drive to San Diego.

Thursday PM: Work afternoon AO-7/FO-29/SO-50 passes
from either DM12 or DM13, possibly both if there is any
interest in both grids. Then an AMSAT/satellite presentation
at Escondido Amateur Radio Society in DM13, including a
possible demonstration before or after club meeting on AO-73.

Friday (10 July): no radio until late in the day,
possible DM04/DM05 activity on AO-73 @ Mojave CA in the

Saturday (11 July) AM: morning AO-7 or FO-29 passes from
DM04/DM05 line @ Mojave CA, then 5-hour drive to Santa
Cruz CA. If I'm making good time, I might stop in DM06
for 1 or 2 AO-73 passes on the way to Santa Cruz.

Saturday PM: hoping to work afternoon AO-7/FO-29/SO-50
passes from CM86/CM96 line @ Santa Cruz CA. If not possible,
work from one of the grids in the afternoon, then the other
via AO-73 in the evening. (CM86 appears to be the rarer of
these two grids)

Sunday (12 July) AM: morning AO-7 or FO-29 passes from Santa
Cruz CA (hoping for CM86/CM96 line, but probably just CM86 if
I can't get on the line), then drive south - either along the
coast on CA-1, or inland on US-101. I might be able to work
from the CM95/CM96 line, if I'm not able to get CM96 on the
air much from Santa Cruz, before going down to Santa Maria.

Sunday PM: hoping to work afternoon AO-7/FO-29/SO-50 passes
from CM94/CM95 line @ Santa Maria CA. Maybe eastern AO-73 pass
in the evening as well.

Monday (13 July): not sure if I will work passes before
departing Santa Maria, but hoping to get through Los Angeles
and make it to DM23/DM24 line north of Quartzsite AZ for
afternoon AO-7 or FO-29 passes. Then a quick drive home.

Weather conditions, especially the fires, might cause my
plans to be altered. I'll use Twitter and posts to the -BB
to make updates.


Twitter: @WD9EWK

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