[amsat-bb] Kenwood D72 on SO-50

Philip Jenkins n4hf.philip at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 00:15:15 UTC 2015

I bought a D72A a little over a year ago because it had APRS built-in; this
made it very handy for the balloon-chasing I used to do.

Now I'm trying to set it up for SO-50. I'm successfully putting it into
full-duplex mode - with the 144 Mhz freq (pl 67.0) on the B-band, and the
435 Mhz frequency on A-band. (Duplex cannot be engaged while the radio is
on the A-band.) I'm running into two problems though.

 1 ) Whenever I want to change the receive (downlink) frequency because of
Doppler, turning the knob changes the B-band side, the transmit, which is
what I don't want. As it is, since I can't get the 435Mhz to change, this
setting is only going to allow me to hear the satellite mid-pass

2) I had the idea of putting this/these VFO settings - including duplex -
into memories, one memory for each 5 Khz step on receive. When I follow the
manual directions for entering odd splits in memory, whenever I check to
see what's in the memory by transmitting, (it  appears)  I'm just
transmitting simplex on the 435Mhz frequency; the radio's display doesn't
change (other than the s-meter showing that power is being transmitted).

I'm wondering how others are making their D72s work successfully on SO-50.
Is/are there (a) certain step(s) that I'm missing in order to change the
receive frequency AND enter full-duplex VFO settings into memory

Thanks for the help...either replying to the BB or to me personally is ok. (

Philip N4HF EM85

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