[amsat-bb] L Band antenna recommendations?

Gary Mayfield kk0sd at tnics.com
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                I've had the Wimo up at my QTH in Northeastern South Dakota
for 8 years. I just checked it and it looks good and loads well.


                Our weather blesses us with all of the usual challenges. We
have had temperatures from -35 C to 41 C and winds up to 135 KM/hr since I
have installed the antenna.


My only issue has been I had to re-tighten the clamp that holds it to the
crossboom as it is an un-balanced mechanical load.




Joe kk0sd



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Hi Joe and Jerry.


Thanks, it sounds like Wimo are worth a closer look with both the Helix and
SHF designs going into the satellite allocation.

Is the helix reasonably robust?


Unfortunately Jerry, my mechanical abilities are 'limited' but thanks for
the idea and HB design that works.


Joe said " Does this mean I may have a use for my L Band equipment soon?"


'Soon' is always  a relative term when it comes to satellite construction
and launches, but don't sell it and when it's time to dust it off, check it
works on 1263.5MHz FM




David  G0MRF





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        The WIMO Helix 23 worked great for me down into the satellite
        Does this mean I may have a use for my L Band equipment soon?
Joe kk0sd
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Subject: [amsat-bb] L Band antenna recommendations?
I'm looking for a recommendation for an L band antenna suitable as a
groundstation uplink to a satellite in LEO.
Does anyone have anything they could check for SWR on 1264 MHz please?
Linear polarisation is fine as the receive antenna will have circular
polarisation.  Most of the published data I've seen assumes the user will be
on 1296.
Any thoughts much appreciated
Many thanks
David  G0MRF
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