[amsat-bb] Software ?

Pedro Converso pconver at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 00:59:58 UTC 2015

Hello Henk,

I program in Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, although not an expert on it.

I have VB installed and run on an old Window-XP, it works and compiles

I have made a satellite tracking application that doesn't use DDE, it
speaks directly to com ports either legacy or also on bluetooth com

I am trying to learn android to port this to an app usable on

This aplication can be downloaded and/or executed from
http://amsat.org.ar/Satrack.htm .

For your needs, perhaps you can use as guidance the CX6DD development
sources in visual basic 2005 of WISPDDE available at
http://www.mederoscnc.com/CX6DD/wispdde/wispdde.htm .

If you care to tell me the protocol of your rotor controller, I can
add a selection to Satrack to support it.

If I can be of any help please tell me.

Best 73 from Buenos Aires,
lu7abf, Pedro Converso
pconver at gmail.com
lu7abf at amsat.org.ar

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