[amsat-bb] CQ SATELLITE!

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 01:41:03 UTC 2015

Clint said:
"JOHN - Regarding "handheld" or "demo" designations - It take about a half of one 
second of air time, and handheld." So the "Iit ties up the satellite" argument is silly."

NO. It's NOT a silly argument because of the encouragement of the entire concept and what it gives way to. I have heard things to the effect of:

Whiskey Alpha One X-ray Yankee Zulu, Alpha Zebra zero zero, handheld 5 watts in Acmeville (repeatedly, to no one in particular, just taking up airtime)

Whiskey Alpha One X-ray Yankee Zulu... on a handheld running five watts... the temperature is below freezing... somebody gimme a QSO! (this was a busy pass, but he called no one and apparently no one wanted to call him)

It's USELESS information that wastes PRECIOUS pass time leads to the attitude of not being aware. It is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to their goals, because instead of giving them a quick QSO, none of the experienced ops wants to call them for the umpteenth time and go through a long drawn out exchange. If they called me briefly, just call letters, I'd call them back just as quickly with a report and done. Then on to the next one, or back to listening for the new grid/DX station that's expected to show up.

And so MANY people are running five watts or less using a handheld it doesn't make any sense ANYWAY! Oh, yeah, I actually heard one QSO that went like this:

WA1XYZ this is KZ9ABC on a handheld in Alpha Zebra zero zero.

KZ9ABC this is WA1XYZ also on a handheld! I'm outside with an Arrow in Zebra Alpha niner niner.

You're on a handheld, too... good job!

Why is this amazing? The satellite is doing the work and it's only 250 milliwatts! I get that it's new to THEM, but I've worked stations in South America and the Caribbean with TWO watts to a handheld. And I was able to do it without revealing my secret identity as a low power handheld yagi waver during the QSO!

Yes, there are times when jokes or frivolous comments are made that may take up pass time, but by and large they are the exception and the people making them are usually situation-ally aware. But you are TEACHING people to basically claim some imagined RF handicap and beg to be given special treatment and do it as a MATTER OF ROUTINE. Look, somebody saying, it's my first QSO is one thing... but to encourage the 'extraneous information' comments as a matter of course is not helping anyone. Please, have enough sense not to do it.

And so it goes... on and on and on.

73, de N4UFO/Sushi

(I enjoy sushi... and telling you that is about as useful as me telling you I'm using a handheld.)

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