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Subj:   [CDXC] Very latest from K1N     
Date:   2/13/2015 4:13:40 PM GMT Standard Time  
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  A storm is brewing within the next two-three days. Everything that needed 
re-loading onto “Electra” has been finished. Mike NM6Z, Tomi KT4TTT & 
George AA7JV are safely on “Electra” and will be leaving Lulu Bay within the 
next few hours to get out of the way of the storm. High seas are expected, but 
this will not affect helicopter off-loading, except for maybe a passing 
squall. The 6M station and antenna are now packed.

There will be one helicopter flight today to carry back camp construction 
supplies and unneeded items. Two people will be on that flight, leaving ten 
men on Navassa.

We expect full radio operation to continue until daybreak Saturday, when 
the SteppIRs will be taken down and all stations packed except for the three 
that will remain on the air until daybreak Sunday.

Saturday we expect three helicopter flights out by the end of the day. Left 
behind will be Craig K9CT, Jerry WB9Z & Glenn WØGJ to man the stations. 
Their personal gear will already be off the island. The only thing to do Sunday 
morning is to pack the radios and take down the dipoles, as the helicopter 
will arrive early Sunday morning for the last flight.

Maybe some of this is a repeat, but the “evacuation plan” is looking good. 
We’ve had so much fun and wish we could stay….but we all want some REAL 
showers and a REAL bed….and to see our families!!!

Even with 125,000+ QSOs it is amazing that the pileups yesterday were 
almost as fierce as the very first couple of days.

73, Glenn WØGJ

[Col MM0NDX, 
EU Pilot, K1Navassa]


Posted by: Col MM0NDX <dxer59 at gmail.com> 

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