[amsat-bb] Those were the days

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Thu Feb 12 15:33:11 UTC 2015


Yes, there's certainly less interest in satellite operating than 30-40 
years agp, but here's what we did.

Most satellite DXers were also active HF DXers, and any time we worked 
someone in a country or state we needed on OSCAR, we would  talk up satellte 
operating.  :The informal leaders of this actiivity were Ben, W2BXA, and Pat, 
G3IOR.  Ben is now SK but Pat is very much alive and kicking at 84.  
Unfortunately, though, the only operating he does these days is FM on his local 

Since most of the people we worked already had good 10m setups, all they 
needed to get on Mode A was a 2m transmitter and antenna.  They usually could 
cannibalize the latter from their FM rigs or borrow one from a neighbor, so 
all they needed was the transmitter.  Ben got a few used Ameco TX-62s and 
appropriate crystals, and we appointed him AMSAT Loaner Equipment Manager.  A 
DX station op could borrow a TX-62 free for several months, as long as he 
agreed to put it on the air and, when the loan was over, ship it to the next 
borrower at his own expense.  That arrangement worked fine for several years 
until AO-10 came along.  A bit like Drew loaning equipment to the K1N guys.

Glad to see activity perking up.  Hope it keeps going.

73 Ray W2RS

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