[amsat-bb] K1N operations

Grant Zehr grant at dzehr.com
Thu Feb 12 06:23:47 UTC 2015

Here's my take on the K1N DX-pedition from the satellite point of view.


1.       I could hear him well on SSB today (Wed) in spite of a lot of
activity on the bird.  So his power is adequate, in my opinion, on a clear

2.       He announced that he was listening at 435.820 which was about 10
KHz down from his uplink frequency.

3.       That means that if we transmit where we hear ourselves (his
transmit frequency) we'll never work him.


I'd suggest the following which would give us all a chance:


1.       Listen for him in the lower 50 KHz of the passband.

2.       When you hear him, listen to his instructions.  He'll either say
listening up, down or give a frequency (on his radio).

3.       Leave your receiver on his frequency so you can hear him, and then
move your transmit freq. to approximately where he says.  For FO-29 you move
the transmitter UP 10 kHz to show up DOWN 10 KHz on his dial.  Don't worry
about being exactly on his listening frequency.  He's going to be tuning
around to pick out calls.  It's better if we spread out and let him find us.
Figure out how to do this on your rig before the pass starts.

4.       Call him even though you don't hear yourself.  That feels weird,
but it will work.

5.       Remember, if you hear him and call over him, then he for sure won't
hear you and NO ONE ELSE will hear him either.

6.       DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GETTING HIS GRID SQUARE.you can look it up on a
map later!

7.       When he gets your call correct, give him a 'QSL 59, thank you', and
give the next guy a chance.


If we can stay off his transmit frequency, spread out in the general area
where he is listening, and keep the calls really short, then he can easily
work 20-30 of us in one pass.  These guys are not used to satellite
operations, but they are great ops and very bright guys.  There is still
time for all of us to get in their log if we turn off our computer frequency
tracking and follow the operators instructions.


Remember - Don't call on his frequency!  Go where he tells you.


Good luck!




Grant Zehr AA9LC




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